Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 32

Hello everyone! 

Sorry you're all probably in bed by now, but I can't really help it when the library's internet crashes and I have to email later in the day, okay? This week was a good one. We had trade offs with the Zone leaders, and so I went down to Dapto for a day. It was pretty cool. I'm pretty sure our zone as a whole is the most beautiful zone in the mission. The beaches are so awesome (even though we can't go to them until winter) and it's soooo green! I love it. While we were on trade-offs we had service for one of their less active members and I saw a Huntsman spider on their sliding glass door. It was about as big as my hand and I'm pretty sure it could have eaten a small dog. hahaha those ones aren't poisonous, actually. they just look scary. It's the redbacks that are dangerous. they're little tiny black ones with red backs and when they bite you, it eats away at the flesh around the bite but only under the skin so the skin goes all black and then if you break the skin there's just a big hole in you.  This week our bishop couldn't make it to church because his arm had swollen to the size of his leg from a spider bite. not sure which one. hahaha good thing missionaries are watched out for, right??

We had a bunch of potentials this week that we contacted on the street, and got their phone numbers, but when we called them, three were wrong numbers... that's awkward.... hahaha I hate when that happens... But we've still got some solid potential.

The chinese is coming along. I've decided that the biggest thing holding me back is my vocabulary. So I've been really trying to learn new words. It gets frustrating sometimes, but there's nothing better than seeing the look on people's faces when we start speaking chinese to them. We're trying to set up an English as a second language class to teach, so hopefully that works out. We just don't really have a place to hold it so we're trying to work through the university. I feel like that will really help us find some new investigators.

One of the other elders keeps talking about how he wants china to open and every time we have a conference or anything that president Lew might come to he tries to convince us that it's our time. hahaha we've all decided that if they open china, we will all extend our missions for a year. so get ready for that. We all want a little bit of that native Beijing Huar!!!!!
things are amazing in Wollongong. It's like perfect weather, and from what everyone says, it will be like this for the next 3 months. It rains a lot, but I like it. especially since we have a car... speaking of which, I am officially starting a diet today. Me and elder barlow drew it up during weekly planning because we both have gained too much weight. And I'm scared I might be in a car my whole mission. so we are going to go hard in the mornings for personal excercize and then eat great and lose all the weight. (I'm 99 kilos)

Love you all! We had a less active in our ward take us to a bunch of lookouts today and there are some amazing views! alright, love yous heaps!


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