Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 74

Happy New Year everyone! 

Hope you did something really fun. We did. We got permission to go down to bathurst new years eve and the senior couple down there threw a party for all the missionaries in the zone. it was way fun. and we slept over and in the morning we had district meeting. and guess what i trained on.... that's right, GOALS. haha it was great. hope you all set some great new years resolutions. Remember dad's advice to be a square! haha love it. It was a bit annoying, though because they sprang the DTM on us like two days before so i had to rush the preparation and i think the execution suffered because of it... hahah no it was great. they had to push it up because next week we have a zone conference. 

President Pearson (area president) is touring our mission so everyone is having a conference. but it messed everything up so ZTM is now pushed back a week which means that dtm wouldn't have happened this month so they did it the first week instead. Haha don't worry, totally not bitter about it. But something cool, we were talking to the senior couple, their names are elder and sister Hill and they're pretty much our parents out here. they're awesome. but we were talking to them and sister hill let slip that we have another apostle coming! so we kept bothering her about it and she told us that it's Elder Bednar! I'm so excited. He's coming at the end of February! So there's something to look forward to! 

We had a cool miracle this week! We decided to go do some finding up in Kandos. It's a town that's like 45 min drive away from mudgee. So we drove up there and walked around for a few hours trying to find some investigators. We werent having much luck, but we finally were walking past this house where a guy was washing his car out front and his daughter saw us and yelled out to us and started just talking to us! haha it was awesome! so we talked to her for a bit and then started talking to her dad. Usually when we try to transition from small talk to the gospel is when people shut off and tell us to go away but this guy was totally cool with it! so we sat there and talked to him about our views on Jesus and he seemed pretty keen so we gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet and he told us we can come back whenever we want! He's your stereotypical aussie where a good percentage of his vocabulary is the F word, but he's a good guy and his daughter is adorable. But it was a good testament to me that God is willing to help us, but sometimes we have to be like the brother of Jared and take some initiative. Rocks don't melt themselves! haha 
Hope you all have a great week! Love you all so much! miss you like crazy, and i can't wait for mothers' day to talk to you all again. The church is true! The book is blue! 


Elder Tingey

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