Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 13

To whom it may concern,

Hello family and friends that are lucky enough to get this email sent to them! Hahaha how is everyone??? Love you all. This week has been nuts and it feels like i just emailed you like yesterday since it was Wednesday when i last sent one. I say things have been nuts, but what i mean is, all our plans have been falling through. Hahaha its been all over the shop. We had an elder go into the hospital last week and on wed night we were trying to plan the day, but just had the hardest time coming up with things to do. We finally figured out a plan that seemed a bit dodgy, but it filled the schedule so we called it good. The next morning our Zone leader called us and asked us if we could go spend most of the day in the Hospital with this elder because his companion had to go to district leader training in Mortdale. Hahaha the lord works in mysterious ways! We went and sat with this elder and i read my pinyin book of mormon for a good two hours. Oh yeah, i'm a chinese speaking missionary! sometimes i forget. haha but its fun. Yesterday we had a lesson with the Sika family. They are members, and totally active, but its a single mother situation and she needs a boost from the missionaries every once in a while. But she asked me to give the closing prayer and i said it in Chinese and all the kids thought it was the coolest thing they'd ever heard. Haha if only they knew how bad my chinese really is... but i'll just let them think i'm pro. Don't want to crush their hearts. haha

We met a woman named Kelly that is a single mother (why is it that our whole teaching pool is women?) She is a truck driver and she just got back from a month-long, $10,000 holiday in Hawaii. Ya, she told us ALL about it. but it was kind of a miracle that we bumped into her. Elder Grant met her before she went on holiday, but she seemed interested so she told him to visit when she got back. that was about a month ago. So last week we were short on our Kilometer allotment for the month since it was near the end of the month, so we decided to park the car and walk one day. We had planned to go check and see if kelly was home but as we were walking to her house elder grant said "wait a second, she works all week during the day. what are we doing?" I, from the depths of my kind and faithful and sympathetic heart said, "well, maybe she lost her job." haha we knocked on the door and she answered! i though i had just made the biggest call of my life. but she had only just got back from holiday and she didn't start work for a couple days which was good. haha but the cool thing was that she had only just gotten home like fifteen minutes before we knocked so if we had been driving that day, we would have missed her. So that was cool.

Things are going well. The bush fires are under control now so i guess i can tell you about them... We were never in like a TON of danger, but a lot of people had to evacuate their homes. we never had to. I didn't want to tell you guys about them until i was sure that you didn't have to worry... Haha MOM, I'M FINE. A man in our ward gave me a book called "southern Cross saints." it talks about great grandpa Tingey a lot in there. It was cool. We are getting a NEW CAR!!!!! Its not a corola either! It's a Holden Cruise. They don't have them in America. That's probably the most exciting thing in my life right now. Nothing much else has happened this week. Our baptismal date is off so that's disappointing, but she is still doing well. She will get dunked yet! Let me know how everyone is doing. I love emails, letters, and anything else from home! 

Also, make sure my mailing address is correct on like facebook and stuff.

Australia Sydney South Mission
PO Box 456
Mortdale, NSW 2223

Love you guys! miss you guys!

Elder Tingey

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