Thursday, October 31, 2013

Week 12

okay so i have like no time at all to email today so i have to make this shorter than i'd like. forgive me please and don't judge me if it's scatter-brained.

first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!! It's not early either because it's the 30th in Australia. Love you.

Every friday night across the street they play live music in the pub. It's really loud and makes it hard to plan but they stop around 10:30 so we sleep fine. but we were planing and our ward's second counselor came by to drop off the general conference talk he wanted me to speak on on sunday in sacrament meeting. (i spoke in sacrament this week. did fine.) But he knocks on the door and i opened it and he asks, "how do you deal with this?" talking about the music. I recognized the song to be a bruno mars song and told him i just have to block it out. (really i love it.) hahaha bad missionary, i know.

We met a guy last week named Daniel. He's from Ghana. It was weird cuz we were going to grab some lunch and we were about to cross the street and there were no cars coming but for some reason i hesitated. I looked over and elder grant had hesitated as well. then we both look over and see Daniel sitting on a bench waiting for a taxi. We walked over and started talking to him and he said he'd had contact with the church over in ghana because they would do activities in the ward house. he is studying to be a vet and we got his number. He's leaving for ghana soon to go to his fathers funeral so i'm hoping we can get in contact with him before he leaves. Just a little miracle to share with you guys.

We went to the temple yesterday and it was awesome. Our new zone is great. I love being around all the missionaries doing stuff because it's just so much fun. The Tongans (tongan speaking elders) would disappear and we owuld think we'd lost them, but then we'd get on a train and they would be sitting in the car. hahahaha it was hilarious. They are so tongan it kills me. Love them to death.

Our investigator is doing well, we had to postpone the baptismal date but we are working with her to get there!

I had an epic battle with a cockroach a couple nights ago. I was victorious, but it came with lots of yelling and slamming of shoes and phonebooks. ELder grant got a kick out of it. luckily we don't have any neighbors...

Love you guys, the church is true. THe work is great and is way exciting to be a part of. It truly is hastening.

Elder Tingey

ps. i got your letters yesterday. Thank you!!!! i will be writing you back soon okay!

A stereotypical Australian tree. 

Me and Elder Grant at the Temple

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