Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 21

To the people in Disney Land:

Good morning from Beautiful Camden! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years. I definitely did. We had to be back in the flat by 5:00 New years eve, but we got permission to sleep over at the Zone leader's flat and do another Hot pot with them. It was awesome. And then we celebrated with a sparkling grape juice fight at about 9:00. Some people got it on film and i want it because it's hilarious. it's five seconds of us screaming like little girls and shooting grape juice at each other. And then we went to bed like good missionaries. One of the missionaries kindof put a damper on the mood when he pointed out that it was officially the year that he was going home. Haha it's crazy how fast time goes here. I look back and can't believe how long i've been here. it seems like last week i was getting off the plane and meeting President Lew and just the week before that i was saying goodbye to all of you in Provo! It's nuts.

The past few weeks have been pretty uneventful. Once school got out people started leaving town on Holiday and by the time christmas rolled around, Camden was a ghost town. Literally no one was there. We spent hours knocking doors that wouldn't open and then we would go to the park to contact peole and there would be no one there. The reason i'm emailing today is because the library was closed from christmas until today. all the shops on the street we live on were closed and a car would drive past every like 10 min. Everyone goes up to Queensland apparently. We got to visit a couple less actives though, which was good. we are Trying to get people to come back to church. There are too many people that know the church is true, but they are just too lazy and are out of the habit of going to church and living the gospel. It makes me sad.

The Christmas presents have been awesome. Nothing beats American Junk food. The Ice Cream may be better here and they may have better all around deserts, but when it comes to being a slob and eating unhealthy food, america can't be beat. Haha Thank you so much. I got heaps of compliments at church when i wore my tie. It's so awesome. I save it for special occasions because i don't want to ruin it. (i'm not going to tell you how many ties i've ruined so far. )

Things are as good as they can be. sometimes i feel like we are doing a lot of sowing and not much reaping, but i'm trying to leave the area better than i found it. People need the gospel, they just dont' know that they need it. I pray to find someone prepared every day, and i have faith that someday soon we will find that one.

Thanks again for the christmas presents. and Talking to all of you was awesome.It Was great to talk to all of you and i can't wait for mother's day! Love you all! Miss you! CHurch is true!

Elder Tingey

Christmas Eve Hot Pot

Annual Christmas Morning on the Stairs Picture 

My Bed with my presents. Keeping traditions alive Mom
New Years Eve. Yes, that is a Lava Lava

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