Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 63

Quick update from the week. 

i don't have much time because we have our zone p-day today so i have to go set up soon. we're having a barbecue, but its not like most BBQs.... i'll send you a picture to explain.
This week we had a great lesson with Karka and her friend Moomoowah. we discussed the restoration and resolved a couple questions that came up about priesthood authority and prophets. they are both baptist so they know the bible really well and love it when we teach using bible scriptures. One big thing we've been working on with karka is that if our church is the true church of jesus christ on the earth today, then she would need to be baptized again. on monday she told us that if she receives an answer that our church is true, she is willing to be baptized again. It was awesome. and moomoowah told us that before the lesson she felt like all churches are true because they teach you to be a good person, but after she said that from what we talked about, she now believes that there is only one true church. Hopefully they both can get their answers soon! One dilema is that karka is pregnant and due any day now so things might get a little complicated soon here... haha she's the best. We didn't get a chance to meet with jimmy this week, but he came to church and we set something up with him for tuesday. He's still doing great, just needs a bit more time and prayers. On thursday Wilma, who never wants to come to church because it's too early to wake up, called us and told us that she wanted to come to church this sunday! haha it was awesome. So she came and i think she really enjoyed it. the sacrament meeting theme was family history work, so i'm pretty sure that was kindof boring for her, and we always sing the crazy hymns in the hymn book that nobody knows so Wilma was laughing at me struggling to sing #42. haha and then i started laughing because i was slaughtering it, and it was just not a good situation. Moral of the story: just stick to the 12 main hymns that everyone knows. hahahah 

We were able to meet with Yang Bai this week and we read from the book of mormon with her. she doesn't want to take lessons about like "the gospel" until she can have her boyfriend with her to learn as well, so we are doing the sneak attack of using to book of mormon. haha it was really good, and then she told me that she wants to help me learn chinese, so we had a few minutes of language study together. poor elder katene was falling asleep. SHe offered her laptop to watch movies to keep him occupied, but we had to turn it down.... haha 

We met a chinese guy named zack at ANU this week. We had a good lesson about the nature of god and stuff like that. we will be meeting with him on saturday. That's the update on our teaching pool for this week. We are looking to find some more keen investigators and we've received a couple referrals from members for part-member families that live in our area so we're hopin something comes of those. I guess i'll let you know next week.

We had interviews with president back this week. It went well. The poor guy has been dealing with a lot of stuff up in sydney. He wouldn't give any specifics, but i definitely do not envy his position, and i understand why we just got the stricter rules.

I got the package this week! is was so awesome! thank you all so much! I've already finished one box of the cereal and the pringles are almost gone. hahaha all of it was great. and the best part, i have to say, was the baby bottle. hahahahahahaahaha i died when i saw it. SOOO funny. and i will definitely use it to the fullest. haha

Hope you are all doing well. Life is so much different now that i have all the knowledge of a 19-year-old. :) hahaha just kidding. i still don't feel a day over 12. haha Love you all. The church is true. something i love doing is testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel as a representative of the savior. I know he lives. I love Sharing his message with people. I know i can't always see the bigger picture, but i know God knows what is going on and is behind the scenes making everything work out. Walking by faith is expected of us and if it was easy, it would have been satan's plan. haha trust in God, and hope for good things to come! and like that comercial says, "we haven't forgotten who keeps us in business". hahaha too true. Love you all!

-Elder Tingey

Yes. That is a spit.

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