Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 67

Dear Family:

haha i hate starting these emails... okay so this past week was pretty good. Our area is really beautiful. We do lots of driving between the towns we cover and its just rolling yellow hills. it's awesome. We've been trying to contact that malaysian guy in kandos, but he's never been in the shop when we go. but we'll keep trying. 

We met with a guy named Justin on Monday evening and it was a pretty good lesson. He's pretty attached to the bible and the missionaries have been trying to help him see that the bible and Book of Mormon support each other and we had a really good discussion about it. and then at the end he gave us a referral for his preacher at the uniting church! haha should be interesting. He told us he would talk to him and let us know if he's interested next time so we will find out tomorrow when we see him. We also met this old lady that used to be a jehovah's witness, and she's pretty cool. I think she's met with missionaries before because she told me that she already has one of the passalong cards that i was writing something on. 

On the 30th of this month there is an area wide "invitation sunday" and we are really excited for it. Our members (all 9 of them) have been doing great inviting people. It should be really good. hopefully we can get things going and see some growth here in mudgee! 
On saturday we had ZTM and i was so happy i didn't have to give a training. It was so nice to sit with the rest of the zone. I only have to give a training once a month as a district leader because our district is so spread out. AND there's no sisters in my district! haha both the sister companionships in our zone are in the other district! not sure how i managed that. haha just kidding just kidding, sisters are great and i'm not a sister hater... haha but then there was a district picnic in orange with all the branches after the meeting and that was fun. we only had one member from mudgee come, but it was still good. 

That's about all that's happening in Mudgee this week. haha hopefully next week we get some stuff going. 

They asked me to give a talk yesterday and i gave it on Prayer. It was really good for me, i think. Prayer is so awesome and i hope everyone makes every prayer a spiritual experience. I don't think i'd be able to be where i am if i didn't have prayer in my life. Constant prayer is what keeps us safe from everything in this world. Love you all. Church is true. 


Elder TIngey

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