Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week 90

Alright we had a great week last week. It was pretty crazy because we had to split up the area and we were trying to figure everything out, but it turned out really good. Monday to wednesday it was pouring rain all day every day. it was so bad that the church offices contacted our mission and told us to park all the cars so they didn't get ruined. there was heaps of flooding and crazy stuff. The trains were all either really delayed or else shut down. one of the train stations had water all the way up to the platform. so things were pretty interesting for a few days there. one of our friends showed us a picture of the harbor bridge during the storm and it had a full-on waterfall coming off it. pretty crazy. we were just soaked completely for three days. it was lots of fun... but i won't say i didn't pray for it to never happen again....

The worst part about the storm is that nobody wanted to meet with us because it was pouring rain and also it was just too hard to get anywhere so we struggled to teach people last week, but the people we DID see were great.
We met with Nicole quickly this week. had a good chat about the plan of salvation pamphlet she read. i love teaching about the plan of salvation. it's something that is new to a lot of people, and its something that you could study your whole life and not get it fully, but it makes life so much easier when you have a basic understanding of it. i'm trying to understand it at a more basic level so i can explain things better, and the more simply i study, it seems the more fully i understand why i'm here, where i came from and where i'm going. And preach my gospel makes things so easy on us as missionaries. i wish i could teach as simply and powerfully as preach my gospel teaches.
We couldn't see joy this week and she had so many assignments that she wasn't able to make it to church so that was sad, but she's still awesome. We talked to her on the phone and she said she's up to 1 Nephi 12! pretty good! we'll be meeting with her later this week to go over what she's read and teach some more.

On saturday there was a BBQ at our branch president's house for all the recent converts to come and all the auxiliary leaders to meet them. it was really good and we met some new people that haven't been to church in a while. This branch is really good at inviting people to activities. it makes things heaps easier on us when we can meet people in a setting that is not us knocking on their door and magically knowing their name because we have the ward list. it was especially good for the recent converts to meet everyone.

Sunday night we had FHE at our 2nd councilor's house. it was awesome. Bro Xu made it and he loved it. we played this game where you sit in a big circle and everyone picks a fruit (and remember this is all in chinese so you have to be on your game with the fruits) and then someone is in the middle with a rolled up newspaper and you start with someone and they say a fruit and the person in the middle has to hit the person who picked that fruit before they can say another fruit. it was hilarious. i was dying.

All-in-all it was a really good week. i love being here and serving with elder bowcut. his chinese is way better than mine. everyone was freaking out because he sounds native. its pretty cool. we were talking to a couple members after church and we got them to teach us some chinese jokes. totally hilarious. but they don't make sense in english so i wont tell yous. sorry... chinese people only... like i said, chinese speakers is the most exclusive club in the world. represent!

Love you all! have an awesome week! weird that i'm going to be skyping with yous in a couple weeks... be thinking of questions you want to ask and be ready with a list of general classes for me to choose from! haha jk i can probably do that over email.

I studied the parable of the talents this week. i love that parable. so much we can learn about our stewardships and what God expects of us. go read it! love yous heaps and heaps!
-Elder Tingey

this was  a huge tree that was out front of our chapel. pretty lucky it fell toward the street and not toward the church, right?...

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