Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week 91

alright, this was a great week filled with lots of finding. The majority of the lessons we teach are from thursday onward so tuesday and wednesday are always a bit slow. we get to do a lot of talking to people on the streets. its fun because we just hunt down the chinese people. we have lots of fun finding. I realized that my whole mission i have always been in a large area. Wollongong was my smallest area, size-wize so i've never had to worry really about accidentally leaving my area. We realized this on the train one day as we passed through like 5 areas on our way to an appointment. its nice. i think i'd get too claustrophobic if i had a small area to work in. 

We met with a recent convert named Li Wei on monday and he is the man. He's actually not too recent because he already has the Melchizedek Priesthood but we talked about the plan of salvation with him and he's solid as when it comes to that stuff. He asked us what we do when we have a question about the gospel. I got to then bear my testimony to him of how i know that god answers questions. I've had lots of questions throughout my life and though it often takes time, my questions always get answered one way or another. There was a cool quote from conference that i love and i think it was from elder Pearson but he said "don't let something you don't fully understand unravel everything you do." or something like that. its so true. everything always works itself out if you trust in God and move forward in faith.

We met with joy as well and she is doing great. she is really busy with school right now so the baptism is going to be pushed back a couple weeks because she can't come to church again until the 17th which is after mid-term is over. so in the meantime we are just meeting up to teach her everything and hopefully she will be baptized on Elder Bowcut's last sunday. please pray for her. She's progressing well, reading the book of mormon regularly, accepts the restoration and plan of salvation. we'll be teaching her the gospel of jesus christ this week and then its on to the commandments and laws and ordinances! Joy has convinced me to get a WeChat when i get home, which is an app that all the chinese people have that uses the internet to text and video chat and send voice messages. its pretty cool. she showed me some of it and i will definitely be using it when i get home. especially since it's the best way to keep in touch with my chinese friends. 

Nicole is doing well, we went over the plan of salvation with her again and explained the parts she didn't really understand. we feel like she will either drop us or start progressing a lot soon. She's way cool. hope she gets an answer to her prayers. 

Carol is doing pretty good as well. we met with her and taught about the restoration and answered questions she had about the book of mormon. she read a lot, actually! i was impressed. she had lots of questions for us to answer. 

YuHan is the man. he's the other elders recent convert that we are working with now because he doesn't speak any cantonese so its pointless to have the cantonese elders work with him. We went over lehi's dream with him. it was awesome and he had some great insights. and he gave us a referral! its for his friend that said he wants to learn more about "the mormon". haha we'll see what that means but i'm excited. we should be meeting with him this coming week sometime. 

Bro. Xu is so good. we had a lesson with him and he told us he hasn't smoked in two weeks! he bore his testimony to us of the power of prayer and then they asked him to share a scripture in priesthood on sunday and he smashed it! he shared 2 nephi 2:14-16 and talked about how he has overcome opposition in his life. I personally think we should have recent converts teach our sunday school classes because they have the doctrine so simply and clearly. and that's really all we need. 

Things are good here in Sydney. time is going quickly. can't believe this week is my last call home! i'm still not exactly sure on when i'll be calling home. because everyone in our branch works on monday so it might be tough to find a place but plan on sunday afternoon/evening for you guys and i'll somehow let you know if its a different time. 
Love you all! The church is true! Me and elder Bowcut got invited over to our neighbor's house last night where we got bible bashed by six lebanese guys, but it's all good. we smashed them:) hahaha i like teaching chinese people with no religious background more.... well, have a good week! talk to yous on sunday! love you!

-Elder Tingey

PS: just got word that on the 26th of May Elder Cook will be visiting our mission! i'm sooo excited! another apostle! that will bring the total up to 5 different apostles that i have seen speak on my mission. pretty cool!

Me and Elder Bowcut

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