Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 11

Holy cow it's been a crazy week!

Sorry i didn't get to email yesterday. We had transfers going on so P-day is on tuesday this week. and next week is the same because we have our Zone temple trip next week!!! So don't look for an email until tuesday. I havent gotten your letters yet but there is the chance that they are sitting in the mission office waiting to be picked up and brought out to me. I havent sent a letter yet because i don't have envelopes so i am buying some of those today and i will send off my letter as soon as possible. Also i said the guy that knew who grandpa was name was brandon murray, but its actually braedon Murrin. This is not english that people are speaking to me. hahahaha he's a funny guy though.

To answer the question you have all been wondering, yes, i have seen Kangaroos. Two of them, to be exact. They were both roadkill.

This past week has been our stake's stake conference so i still haven't been in a sacrament meeting with our ward. On the Saturday afternoon session of conference the stake president, who is in our ward, called Elder Tingey up to the stand because "he's as green as they come". He asked me why i'm here and i wasn't sure what answer he was after so i started reciting the missionary purpose. I hesitated after every line and he didn't cut me off so i kept going. He stoped me around baptism. and said "well at least he's keen!" hahahahaha it was funny. He asked me if i had had any good meals while i was here. I said heaps. He asked if i had had any at the Jones' home. (his home) i said "just the one." brought the house down. Hahaha but he's a funny guy. Then our investigator Dean showed up to the sunday session of conference! She is awesome. On tuesday of last week we met with her in the park and invited her to be baptized and she Accepted! Her date is november 9 which is her birthday so she's really excited about that. Thursday we taught her the Word of wisdom and she has a pretty bad smoking and drinking problem so i was worried but she took it like a champ, as if she had been expecting it and she is doing her best to give it all up! She's amazing, and one of the strongest people i've ever met. She's got a few more things to sort out before her baptism so we'll see how it goes, but i have a lot of hope!

As i said, we had transfers this week. Grant and i got moved into another district where there are four elders and five sisters... I'm pretty bummed about that. Elder Sa'u Gaui got transferred out and that makes me sad cuz he was awesome. plus i'm not in the fun district anymore!

We saw an ad for Thor in a members home and that looks amazing. Put it on my must watch list for when i get home.

Yesterday we were tracting in the 36 degree heat (celcius) and as we walked past a high school a young polynesian girl from across the street yelled "Hey! I'm a Mormon! I'm LDS!" It was awesome. I wish everyone in the church had the confidence to yell that in front of all their friends. I feel like i'm constantly yelling that just by wearing the badge. BUt its amazing and such an awesome opportunity to serve the lord and be a representative of Christ.
I love you guys. The church is true. God has been so good to me. I love that story president Monson told in conference. Our message changes lives for the better.

Hoorah for israel!

Elder Tingey

Elder Pongi, Elder Vaele, and Sister Burnett. It was elder Vaele's first time bowling. it was killing me.

Elder Sa'u Gaui, Elder Fuataga, Elder Fiu

Elder Sa'u Guai...yes it's on the mirror.

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