Friday, October 4, 2013

Week 7

Nimen Hao!!!!!

Sooo im not sure if y'all got my letters yet, i sent them on friday and so they either got to you on saturday or they will get there later today. If you already got them then this won't be big news to you but if not then maybe it will be! Me and hixson are now zone leaders. We are in for two weeks and then off we go. We don't do much, but we have to go to some meetings on sunday morning and walk around to everyone's room every night and check on them but luckily there are only 3 districts in our zone so it doesn't take that long. In case you are worried, we are STILL sacrament coordinators. President dunn is out of town this week so he hasn't found time to call new ones. Apparently we just have to assign the preparation and take down to someone else next week if there isn' a new one called yet. Sorry this keyboard really sucks and i don't want to go back and correct all my mistakes so if you want to just do some editing before you send it out feel free so that i don't look like retarded or something. However, Chinese does jack with my mind so i reserve the right to make errors.

I made it past this week without speaking in church so that means that as long as my visa comes through (and i think it will because a couple english elders i talked to today got theirs and they weren't delayed at all) then i won't have to speak for sure! because next week is fast sunday and then general conference! I'll probably bear my testimony next week, but that is much easier than giving a talk. This week me and hixson taught district meeting which is after priesthood and right before lunch and the topic was enduring to the end. It turned out to be a really good lesson/discusion. we went around the room and had everyone share a story, personal or scriptural, of someone that is the epitome of enduring to the end. I shared the story of uncle paul. We talked about Joseph smith when in jail he says, "oh God, where art thou?" and then we talked about Christ, and how he is the ultimate endurer. (is that a word? i don't know) We discussed what would have come of mankind if he hadn't endured to the end. If he had instead of saying, "nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done" had said something like, "Father, let this cup pass from me. I can't do it. It's too hard. You can't expect me to suffer like this." BUT he didn't say that and because he stuck it out we can overcome the Fall and return to our Father in Heaven. He is so awesome. 

At the end of every class we have what's called coaching time, where the teacher does 1 on 1 with the missionaries that want it. I asked Sister Xiao for some feedback on my Chinese and she told me my tones are really good!!!!! I can't tell you how awesome that felt to hear, but i'm not completely sure if she was being real with me. But then she asked if she could talk to me in the hall and i was worried cuz in the past, every time i've been taken into the hall by a teacher it hasn't been a good thing.... But she took me out and reminded me of what she had said earlier in class that day that we are doing a teaching exercise with the younger district where we will teach them 1 on 1 on thursday (which i was not exactly excited for...I'm sick of teaching fake investigators) but then she said that there was one elder in the district that is really struggling with the language. He will only speak it when he absolutely has to and even then he doesn't say much. She told me that the whole exercise was mainly to help this Elder out. She told me that they were talking about how they could help him as teachers and my name came up. So they set this teaching thing up so that he can have a chance to talk to me and hopefully I can help him. I have no idea what i'm going to say to him and i feel more pressure from this than from being zone leader! So please pray for me this week that i will get some sort of inspiration for this kid. I really want to help him out. The lesson is on thursday.

I finished the BofM on Saturday!!!!!! I said that in my letter too, but oh well. I'm excited. That book is true. I just know it is. I'm starting to study PMG now for personal study, but i don't have any good ideas for how i should mark it up. Becca and John, do you have any ideas?
Saturday night was one of the longest nights here. We could hear the crowd, but we couldn't pick out a score. Some kid two floors up had a radio that people were listening to but i decided that if i went up that my Chinese would probably suck this week or something so i stayed in my room and cried. Then sunday morning at breakfast i asked a cafeteria worker named Lexie what the score was. She said "20-13. we lost." i smiled real big and said, "who's we?" hahahahahahaha GO UTES!!!!!! I hope you had some good bets going on with some zoobies!!! We had gym time saturday night so we saw everyone going to the game. some elder last week going to argentina saw my utah shirt and asked, "they let you come on a mission?" I said, "the begged me".... Spanish speakers. psht

There was an elder from Tahiti named elder Mataoa but he lived in Australia for a while so a couple nights ago he was in our room telling us about Australia  He said he loves sydney and that he is really jealous of our mission. just listening to him made me want to be there sooo bad!!!! I'm completely terrified of the language, and he said that there is a huge population of Chinese people in sydney, but i am so excited to be out there. Although you guys should go check out my mission boundaries, cuz we've been looking at it and it seems like we don't have much of anything in our mission. It shows that the Oprah house and the bridge are in the north mission, but i don't really know. plus the fact that im Chinese might mean that i will be jumping borders into the north mission. I really cant see them putting me anywhere but sydney or maybe canberra but we will see. 

I definitely just put my temple recommend through the wash because i am just a little bit dumber than a rock. I must have forgot to pull it out of my shirt pocket after the temple this morning. when i pulled my whites out of the washer it was sitting there, plastered to the side. its still in that plastic case thing, and the pen on it didn't bleed too much, but its all soggy. Do you think i need to get a new one? or will it be alright? 

Hope all is well! Heard my titans lost this week. I get my travel plans on friday so i will email you monday and let you know what day i leave and the other details. Love you guys! Church is true!


Elder Tingey

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