Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 44

Once again i must apologize for my email coming on tuesday instead of monday. Yesterday was the Queen's birthday so President Palmer had us do P-day today instead. Turns out it's not even really the Queen's birthday, that's just when they celebrate it. I don't know, i guess when you're royal you can have two birthdays. #peasantproblems

This week was a great one. Even though we had one less car than we would like, we still managed. Trade-offs with the APs went well. Elder Shafer is an awesome missionary. He is the epitome of a Preach my Gospel missionary. It was great to be able to learn from him.
We were able to commit two people to baptism this week. they don't have dates yet for different reasons, but we are really excited for them. The first is Scott. He was a referral from the sister missionaries in the Belconen Ward. (side note: our zone is composed of the canberra stake which has Ginninderra, Belconen, Woden, Tuggeranong, and a tiny branch on the coast called Merimbula) He is the son of someone they are working with. He told us he wants to change he meets his 13-year-old daughter for the first time. We've taught him a couple times this week and he has accepted everything we've taught him. He's got a ways to go, but that's not what matters if he truly wants to change. He doesn't want to set a date until his daughter arrives. and the second one is a man up in Goulburn who is married to a member. He told us the only reason he's not baptized is that he lives too far away from the chapel. (it's like an hour drive from Goulburn to our chapel) And he works in the mines so his schedule sometimes makes him work on sundays. But we asked him if there was a branch in Goulburn if he would be baptised and he said definitely! If only all investigators had the same outlook as he does... hahah he is so humble and just has the most sincere questions. I love teaching people that WANT to learn! He doesn't have a date because the whole "branch in Goulburn" thing isn't finalized yet. But soon it will be.

Many mighty miracles happening in Canberra this week! We were informed that we will not be getting a new car for the indefinite future.... so that kindof stinks. We'll be running on faith and prayers and hopefully we will see some more miracles this week. The bus system here isnt as good as up in sydney so its not as easy to get around. Hoping to find some new investigators this week because right now the uni is in the middle of exams so all our uni students dropped us until after their tests are done.

ZTM went well. I actually wasn't that nervous. We trained on Sacrament attendance, and Baptism. We have such a great zone. All the missionaries here are hard working and we don't have any serious problems with the companionships so that makes things a lot easier on us.

Life is wonderful round here. The work is awesome. I hope i stay here for a long time. (but don't tell anyone)

Love you all so much! miss you heaps! I am constantly amazed that i was lucky enough to be brought up in a gospel centered home. TOday i studied lehi's dream and of all the people wandering in the great and spacious field, how did i manage to come to a family where everyone is making their way along the strait and narrow path. Thank you everyone for being such amazing examples for me. You are the best!


Elder Tingey

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