Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 45

Okay first off gotta give a birthday and fathers' day shout out to the best dad on the planet! Love you dad! Cant believe you're 50!  hahaha

This week was a pretty awesome one. Elder Cheng and Elder Bowcut's investigator Liang Li Li got baptized. It was really cool. Elder Cheng baptized her and he did it in chinese so me and elder bowcut had to be the witnesses because we were the only ones in the room who knew what he was saying. She is really awesome. I got to do the baptismal interview and we just chinglished our way through it. She is extremely shy, but she has a very strong testimony and desire to follow christ.

On wednesday there was a district leader training up in sydney so all the district leaders in our zone came and slept at our flat on tuesday night and drove up together wednesday morning. It was a great night. We have some solid missionaries in our zone. I feel like i can confidently say that there is not another zone i would rather be in. I'm worried that things are going to change soon, though, with this next transfer.

We had one of our investigators, Simon, tell us that he is going back to China as soon as exams are over so he had to drop his baptismal date. So that was disappointing, but he already has a ticket to come back sometime in July so we are looking forward to that. We decided this week that things are going to start going downhill unless we start finding new investigators so we pulled out all the stops and picked up 3 new this week! and a few potentials that we will be visiting this week to see if we can turn them into investigators. I will say it is entertaining working with chinese people because they always seem to pick the most interesting english names for themselves. they will pick names like Swing. or Bubbles. or Ice Cream. It makes calling potentials just so much more interesting. But we really are excited. We'll see if we can smash them with some chinese and while they are stunned from it, hit up the gospel. hahaha it never gets old seeing chinese people realize that you are speaking chinese to them. We went to a less-active's house and he asked me to say the prayer and i had my english name badge on so he had no idea and i just said the prayer in chinese and he started laughing mid-prayer.

Something i did this week was start reading the Book of Mormon again. I love in the first chapter of 1st Nephi at the end where nephi talks about how the tender mercies of the lord are over all who he hath chosen BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH. It's good to know that our God is not an arbitrary God. He blesses us according to our faith, and if we excercize a particle of faith, he will help us grow that faith so that he can bless us even more. That's pretty dang cool if you ask me.
This sunday we had Elder O'Riordan visit the Ginninderra ward. he's the area 70 for the pacific area. He's awesome. the Epitome of a spiritual giant. He stands at the pulpit and you can just tell that he is a powerful tool in the hands of the Lord. He shared a few experiences with us and i was amazed at how he has zero doubt in the power of the Lord. I think that's what it takes to be a powerful servant of the Lord. That is something i've been working on. I think too many times i have doubts in myself, and it holds me back from seeing some of those miracles that everyone wants in their life. It's like every one of us is on a two man team with the Lord. If we don't believe that we can win, it's like we don't believe that when we fall short, Christ will pick up the slack and make it happen. I dunno, it's just something to think about. Hahaha sports analogies. (is it because the world cup is on and the NBA finals? who knows...)
Okay love you all! i'm going to end this now. We're going to go play sport at the chapel like we do every P-day. hahah it's all good. i love playing sport. Hope you all have an awesome week and let dad watch sports in peace! hahahahaha Love you Dad!

Elder Tingey

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