Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 46

Alright P-day is here again! (bear with me i've run out of ideas on how to start these emails...)

Last monday we actually proselyted because Hoa could only meet with us on monday. We taught her the restoration and gave her a Sach Mac Mon. hahaha I was thinking about how some missionaries when they get home give their testimony in the language they used on their mission and if i were to do that it would be about 7 different languages.... hahaha gotta love Australia. But Hoa is awesome. I wish so bad that all people we taught were as humble as her. Her date is in two weeks and we have a lot to teach still so please pray for us!

This week we did heaps of finding and calling potential investigators. Hahah it's nice to be in an area where there has actually been work done before i got there! We've had heaps of miracles and we had 10 people committed to church! of course only 3 of them showed up, but its a start! We've found that a big problem (well, not really a big problem) is that we contact people in the City because that is part of Ginninderra ward boundary, but people come from all over canberra to the city so half of the people we contact that end up showing actual interest are in other areas! hahaha it's good to give the other missionaries people to teach, and when the zone succeeds, we succeed, but we really need some more poeple to teach!

President Palmer emailed us all today and told us that President and Sister Back have both received their visas and will be arriving in australia on Saturday! We are all really excited. I have heard nothing but good things about President Back and I can't wait to work with him.

We had a recent convert fireside last night for the canberra stake. A recent convert fireside is where a bunch of recent converts are asked to stand up and bear their testimonies and tell how they came to meet the missionaries and pretty much their conversion story. The AP's do one like every month up in the city for the whole mission, but since Canberra is so far away we cant really get to it, so we decided to start doing our own here! It was really awesome. We didn't have that great of a turn out, but it was the first one so we are hopeful that it will grow in popularity in the future. One woman was talking and she talked about how one thing that attracted her to the church was that the people actually live what they preach. Then she talked about the first time she came to church and how she walked in and saw a bunch of good people, and then she came to find out that they all had their imperfections, but everyone was trying to be like Christ as best as they can. That's what hit me. Too often we forget that we knew what we were getting ourselves into before we came to Earth. We knew we would fall short, we would mess up, and that is part of the plan. We just have to remember that we have the potential to become perfect and we need to always be striving towards that.

Today we're going to the Telestra Tower, which is a big cell tower that you can see from pretty much anywhere in Canberra so i'll get some pictures there. I know mom's probably dying because i haven't sent like any pictures this transfer, but i haven't taken like any. hahaha we go to the chapel and play sport every p-day and we don't do anything on the other days worth taking pictures of. hahah but i'll try to get some pictures.

Love you all! can't believe this is already the last week of the transfer. The end of next transfer will be my year mark..........not okay. Hope you all have a great week! Go share the gospel with someone!


Elder Tingey

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