Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 53

Alright so it was an extremely interesting week. Started off kinda sad. We went to visit Hoa because she hasn't been answering our calls or texts and we knocked on the door and she answered and invited us in, but her husband wasn't there so we had to stand at the door, but she told us that last week she had the baby and it passed away shortly after birth. Man, I felt so bad for her. I think that's the most pure sadness i've felt on my mission so far. She was so strong about it too. She said she was pretty depressed all last week, but she's getting better now. So we did all we could and testified of the plan of salvation and that she can live with that child forever. I think she appreciated it, but she doesn't really show emotion so it's hard to tell. Love her to death. Please pray for her and her family.

We had Zone Training meeting this past friday and because they got rid of the transfer meeting we decided to have the home-bound missionaries share their testimonies. It was great to hear them. Elder Whiting is the man. He said something that i really liked. He talked about how a lot of people will ask you Why you came on a mission, but he'd rather people asked why he stayed on a mission. I think that's really true. I definitely didn't fully know what to expect when i came out,  but when I was able to see the gospel bless people's lives and see how serving the Lord has changed me, i think that's why i'm still out here.

We got transfer calls on saturday. Elder Cheng got transferred. And he's going to......... CAMDEN. hahahahahah he was sooo mad. Not sure what he has in store for him there, but there's gotta be a reason. haha and elder Bowcut is training a missionary so he will pick him up tomorrow. It was pretty crazy without a transfer meeting, and we had to leave canberra at 6:00 am and drive everyone that got transferred up to a chapel in sydney and they had a few chapels as meeting points and they hired a van and a trailer and drove around picking everyone up and taking them to another chapel where they would be put in a car and taken to their new area. It worked out pretty well. But they were an hour late so there was no real reason to wake up half an hour early... but of course i would never make any sarcastic comments about that to anyone... hahaha It was funny because i drove up a car with two white missionaries and a chinese, and then drove back with 4 polynesians. hahaha it was an interesting switch. But while we were up in sydney we were at the same chapel as the people from wollongong and elder wang got transferred and he told me they had a baptism this past week of a man named Rio. He asked if i remembered him and i assured him i had never met anyone named Rio in Wollongong. He told me we taught him and then i realized that this whole time i had been calling our investigator Real the wrong name.... hahaha i don't know if you remember him, but he got baptized! He was the first person i ever did the first vision to in chinese! haha it was so cool to hear. Made me so happy. Tender mercies everywhere. We got a bunch of great missionaries in our zone and i think its going to be a great transfer.

We met with Jeremy and invited him to be baptized and he said it is something that needs to be seriously considered so he's going to be searching for an answer so if yous could pray for him that would be awesome. He's a stud.
Love you all! have a great week!


Elder Tingey

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