Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 52

Alright so it was another week in paradise here in Can "burrrrr" a. hahaha It's very cold here. It snowed on Friday. I THOUGHT I WAS GETTING AWAY FROM SNOW FOR TWO YEARS!!!! hahaha but anyways i'll tell you about the things i did this week.

On P-day we went laser tagging with all the elders. We were going to do a p-day with all the zone, but the sisters called sunday night and asked if they could do a sisters' zone p-day and we said okay because in all reality, it's much easier planning a zone p-day for just elders.... sorry becca. (plus we aren't allowed to go laser-tagging with sisters because there was an incident a while back....) So that was very fun. I don't know if this will make you proud of me or ashamed, but i came in second place in the first game. hahaha I was smashing it! It was lots of fun. The second game i got like sixth, but we'll just dwell on the first game.

I went on trade-offs with Elder Cheng on Wednesday and it was almost like old times, except we actually taught people! haha He's gotten a lot better. We met this guy named Grant who was pretty crazy. hahaha he was talking to me about this drug he did that is like shrooms, but you have hallucinations for like a week straight and some people go blind from it and he tried it twice. hahaha and that was part of his response to "so what role has religion played in your life?" hahahaha it was great. He was such a nice guy. But his flat was probably the scariest flat i've ever stepped foot in.

Thursday we did service for a sister in our ward. We mowed the lawn and cleaned out her raingutters. It took for flippin ever and i was standing on the ricketiest old ladder you've ever seen. It was proof that missionaries are watched over, because i probably should have fallen and died. but we finished up the service and she played the bagpipes for us. it was pretty sweet and we filmed it with the phone, and i figured out that i can put my microSD card into the camera and get the video so i'll try to send it to you. haha she's pretty cool. She's going to scottland for the world championships for bagpipe bands. So we wished her luck and she told us that if we want to learn, she will teach us how to play so maybe i will return home with some special skills!

Friday it snowed and we met with Jeremy and the Uni library. he's great. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and he told us that he needs to increase his faith in christ so we had him read alma 32 and we are going to talk to him about it this friday. Haha he always says the prayer at the end of our lessons and he always forget's my companion's name so he says "thank you for sending Tian and his friend to help me learn the gospel" hahaha its awesome. He's pretty stoked that Jeremy Lynn went to the Lakers.

Saturday we were supposed to meet with Ruth, but she texted us and told us that she found a chinese church in Canberra so she doesn't want to meet anymore... DANGIT. I was so sad. I thought she was golden. But that's alright because we got a referral this week from Wollongong for a chinese girl named Wilma that we are meeting with on friday. Pray for her please!

Sunday we went to church and we got permission, because MLC was yesterday, to train up sunday night and sleep over at the Assistants' flat. So we drove up to Goulburn and then caught the train from there to sydney. It was about a 3 hr train ride. but the only problem was it stopped at the Syney Central Station which is totally in the North mission hahaha and it's about a 15 minute walk from the Opera house! hahaha but we were obedient missionaries and got right back on a train going toward mortdale and didn't do anything exciting. We were hoping to see some north missionaries at the station, so we could mess with them, but there weren't any. haha there's kind of a rivalry between the north and south missionaries even though we don't know each other, but from what i've heard, President howes, the north mission president, pretty much rigged the last transfer before the mission split so that all the good missionaries would be in the north and all the scrubs would be in the south. hahaha not sure if it's true or not, but everyone in the south that served under President Howes seems to not like him very much because of it...haha mission drama.

So yesterday was MLC and I had kindof a cool experience. So thursday night we do a conference call with all the Zone leaders and the APs and last thursday they told us that President was looking at getting rid of the transfer meeting and that we'd be discussing it at MLC. Now i love transfer meeting and i was so angry that they were trying to get rid of it. So for the next three days i mulled over in my head what i was going to say at MLC to get them to keep it. I got to the point where i felt like i had a pretty good argument for it, but for some reason on sunday night i said my prayers and asked for confirmation as to what should be done about transfer meeting and i was sitting in MLC getting ready to die a martyr for it and as President Back was bringing it up I felt the spirit so strongly and for some reason i just knew that getting rid of it would help the mission. Haha it was nuts how fast my heart changed on it. Cool how the spirit can do that. haha that's not to say i wasn't frustrated with some of the aspiring missionaries in there, but it was a good MLC.

We got a ride from the STLs back to Goulburn and then visited a less-active on our ward list. He invited us in and while we were talking and he told us that we were the first elders to get past the front door. and after we shared a message with him and his kids he invited us back for dinner! Man i'm really excited. he's awesome. It was a sweet miracle.

I got your package! It was awesome! the flash cards are perfect and we had a good laugh about the One-piece. hahaha i'd send you a picture, but i don't know if that's appropriate.... haha. the shirts fit and the tie is skucks. (Have i told yous about skucks? it means good looking haha) I almost cried when i saw the Hi-Chews. haha thank you soo much. and the A-1 and Ketchup are always a happy thing to get :) haha i don't know what was wrong with the mail, but i got a letter everyday for three days this week so they must have been backed up or something... but i'm getting your letters! don't even worry about it.

Okay there's my mid-way letter. haha it's week 52. Can't believe it. we're going to throw a party on thursday. It's crazy how fast the time has gone, and yet slow at the same time. i feel like i've been a missionary for ever, but it still feels like yesterday i was bummin around Holladay. haha weird. Love you all! have a good week!


Elder Tingey

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