Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 55

Alright here we are once again! 

Yesterday we had a surprise MLC but they didn't want us to drive up because we have another one on saturday with Elder Oriordan of the Seventy that we will be going to so they had us skype in at the chapel. It was awful. It was us and the sister training leaders in a classroom in the church for like 4 hours. We got trained on how to recognize and help missionaries that are struggling with depression. and then halfway through the meeting the rest of the missionaries came to the chapel because it was their p-day and they played volleyball and basketball while we sat in that stupid room... hahah i was DYING.

We had zone conference this past week and it was great. During our lunch break president back got out 18 paddles and a tennis ball and we played a huge game of like four square, but it was with 18 squares and you had to use the paddle and no slamming (you had to hit it up). It was pretty sweet. haha i love president Back. He and sister back are probably the only reason i'm okay with sitting through long meetings in sydney. They are awesome.

This past week we were able to go visit Hoa and she told us that she needs some time to study the book of mormon. She feels like buddhism and our church both teach us to be good people and she is scared of all the rules in our church. SO pretty much she dropped us. She said we can go by whenever we want but she doesn't want to waste our time. We testified of the importance of christ in our lives and i hope as she reads the book of mormon she will come to know the importance of christ. But now it's between her and the Lord. She's great and it was tough to hear but she'll get it someday.

Nothing else really happened this week. We had like 6 people committed to come to church and ended up with 1 so that was disappointing. but we did meet a less-active family from africa which was pretty sweet. They said they will be coming to church this week so i'm happy about that.

Love you all! sorry this week's is so short. Have a great week!


Elder Tingey

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