Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 101 T-4

another week down! We had some really good stuff happen last week. On Sunday night i realized that that was the last time i will finish a planner all the way... pretty weird. and it was strange to say goodbye to a bunch of the elders i came out with and have served around this whole time. Elder Ward went home and so did elder hixson. they're all on the plane right now... haha not sure what to think. last night it hit me just exactly how much time i have left. a few of the elders that were leaving slept over at our flat last night (there wasn't enough room in the ap's flat since there were 24 elders going home) but i was sitting there talking to them and my whole mission, i've been saying goodbye to missionaries that i feel are a lot more experienced and older than me. but these guys were green with me and went through the whole mission with me and now they're going home. dangit. that scares me. and it doesn't help that some of the members are already planning a goodbye party for us... since 6/7 elders in our branch will be home by the end of august... and the only one staying is the elder that is being trained by elder Yim! haha sure glad i didn't get trained in a flat of elders that were all going home. as for transfers i got another companion! it's elder Cheng! my son! haha i'm pretty excited. so we are in a trio until week 4 and then me and liao go home and cheng will be with someone else for the last two weeks. and also they moved us back to hurstville! hahaha YAYYYY!!! Revesby is a great place but i didn't personally enjoy the 30 minute drive to and from the place we spend the majority of our time. and now we just walk out the door and we're there! but the sad news is we don't live with barlow and knighton anymore. they got put in another flat in hurstville. 

Jack is doing great. we met up with him last week and reviewed the lessons and answered any questions he had. he is very prepared for his baptism. now we just have to get him an interview and finish up the program and he'll be sweet. Keep praying for him this week. 

Joy is also doing well. she's really busy with her winter semester right now but we had a great lesson with her last week and we talked about how the Holy Ghost works and it seemed to make sense to her. She is so awesome. she's keeping all the commitments and i know she will receive an answer. i pray that i will be able to see her be baptised, but it's more important that she's ready. She said she has felt the feelings we described as the holy ghost. its just a matter of receiving a personal witness that she needs to be baptised. so we'll be helping her with that. please keep her in your prayers. this is the last week of her winter semester and she's really stressed. 
On sunday one of the members brought her friend to church! Her name is Vivian and her friend's name is Peter. he's a pretty cool guy. from Beijing. he really enjoyed church and we met up with him yesterday to teach him the restoration. he committed to read the book of mormon and pray about it. and he said if he knew it was true he would be baptised. he asked some really good questions about God and it was fun to teach him. And i understood almost all of it so that was good. 

Other than that nothing much happened with investigators. Mr. Chen and his wife came to english class, but they've been busy recently so we couldn't meet up. Now we're just finding and calling some formers and seeking guidance on what to do. 

Our branch had an activity where we watched meet the Mormons at the chapel and it was really good. we didn't have as big a turn out as we were hoping, but the investigators really enjoyed it. Hopefully they felt the spirit. it hit me while i was watching it how much i miss yous! i've been gone a long time. i'll be happy when august 11th comes. but for now, i'm happy it's july 14th. Love you all heaps! have a good week! The church is true! 
Elder Tingey

our goodbye hot pot party

i'm not sure if this is the same highschool uncle dave went to or not, but this is chatswood high. 

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