Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 95 T-10

Alright we have started my last full Transfer and i am still kickin in the cantonese branch! haha no real surprise there. since elder bowcut was going home it made sense to keep me here. i wasn't sure who my comp would be though and president wouldn't tell me until monday morning who it is! haha it was pretty funny because we had to go to the mission home early to drop off elder Bowcuts luggage and we got there and president was sitting on the couch on his ipad doing something for the mission and we weigh the luggage and he asks, " have you guys eaten?" and we hadn't so he asked if we wanted some toast and we said yes, and then next thing we know we are sitting at the counter on stools while president back cooks us bacon, eggs, hash browns, and toast! hahaha it was great. i felt like i was back home with dad cooking breakfast on a saturday morning again! haha i love president back. But i got him to tell me while we were eating that my new companion is Elder Liao! and as far as i know, we will be dying together because we both go home August 11th. Elder Ward got transferred as well and he was replaced by elder Barlow. Its weird how fast things change on the mission. It's a whole different flat and only half of it has changed! I'm really excited, though, for this next transfer. It will be lots of fun.

Joy is doing very good. in her words, Joy is a joy. We met with her on thursday again and she brought her friend with her! so we talked for a bit and introduced who we are and what we do and what our over-arching beliefs are. not sure how keen she is, but she's really nice. her name is Allison. 

We had a really good lesson with Jack on sunday after church. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the 10 commandments. He is smashing through the book of mormon. he's in 2 nephi now and has heaps of questions. the whole lesson was in chinese and i had a massive headache by the end of it. But it was a great lesson and the spirit was strong. we hope to have him working towards a date for baptism soon. He's such a cool guy. 
Shirley wasn't able to come to church because she got sick and she's been so busy with school that we haven't been able to meet with her. but hopefully this week we will. 

On sunday we had FHE at a member's house and there was a great turnout. there almost wasn't enough room to fit everyone! so we might be moving it to the chapel in the future. Also we will probably be starting an english class taught by Elder and Sister Kinghorn, the senior couple in our branch. that should be a good way to find some people to teach. 

Sad to hear about Elder Perry passing away. he was a great apostle. i've loved studying some of his talks. not sure who the next one will be, but im excited to know. 

Life is pretty sweet right now. it was good to see everyone yesterday at transfers. half of our mission goes home between now and october. pretty crazy. Well, have a great week! Church is true. i'll send some pics.
Elder Tingey

Me and Elder Bowcut

Me and Liao

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