Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 98 T-7

Finals are almost over!!!! woohooooo!!! haha and now starts the winter holiday so it should be easy to get people to meet with us if they are staying in town for the next couple months. We tried our hardest to smash out the finding last week and we ended up with 2 new investigators! it was interesting though, because we picked them up yesterday and other than that we got pretty dismal numbers. the whole week we were finding like all day every day and nothing was coming of it and i was pretty discouraged all week until saturday when one of our potentials called us and wanted to meet up the next day! but i'll tell you about that later.

Jack is doing well. taught him the word of wisdom yesterday and he committed to live it. it's nice to have elder liao with me because we can teach in a lot more detail now. haha and by we i mean him. haha i've been trying to push myself with my chinese a little bit recently so if there's something i want to say i just go for it and sometimes it gets me into trouble because i get about halfway into what i want to say and then i realize my vocabulary isnt big enough to finish so i do my best and then the person i'm talking to just kindof stares at me. like jack yesterday thought i told him that we can drink alchohol 1 time but that's it or else we will get addicted when really i was trying to talk about how there are some people who would get addicted after one drink so we all stay away from it to protect everyone. hahaha it was a bit confusing but the member that was fellowshipping knew what i meant and explained it better and then shared a cool experience about what i had said so it worked out okay... hahah dangit. but jack's last test is on the 26th of june so that will be good for him to get that over with. Also apparently he is going down to melbourne with all our YSA next week so that will be fun! haha am i a bit jealous? well, i would never say it, but yes. hahah Jack is the man.

Joy is also in melbourne right now. she went there for a few days after her test finished. So there's not much to tell but she is still awesome!

So as for the new people, we had called a bunch of potentials last week and this one named michael told us to call him after finals and his finals finished on thursday so we called him on friday and it went straight to voicemail so we were a bit disappointed because usually that means that they blocked our phone number but on saturday he called us back! so we set up an appointment with him for sunday afternoon and we went to meet him up at redfern and he brought his girlfriend! His name is michael and her name is Jing. they both wanted to learn about jesus so we taught them the restoration and spent a large portion of time talking about christ's earthly ministry and atonement. haha they would stop every few minutes and ask if i could undertsand and then tell me how strange it was that i could speak chinese. haha that never gets old. but we gave them a book of mormon and they committed to read and pray and to come to church with us. i'm excited. our branch is pretty much all people whose children have already grown up and moved out, young couples that are just starting to have kids, or else YSA. but if we can get the young couples to stick around for about 10-15 years there will be a pretty sweet youth program.

Gotta love it out here. We were talking to some members that had us over about going home (that seems to be all people want to talk to me about recently) and i'm still not sure how i feel about it. i'm just continuing with my plan of not thinking about it until the last possible moment.

The church is true! i know it is. i'm loving representing our saviour out here! its a struggle, and there's always something to overcome and something else to face but it's a joy. if you choose to be sad through it, you'll be sad, but if you choose to be happy through it, you'll enjoy life a lot more. i know that's true. Love you all! have a great week! happy fathers' day! i totally forgot it was fathers' day because they celebrate it at a different time here but every day is fathers' day, right? love you dad :)
Elder Tingey

me and Liao steamed up some zhongzi to celebrate! one of the members gave them to us at church. i love chinese festivals.  This Aloe drink is literally the best thing in this world. if we had enough money i would probably drink it all day every day. and the chinese say it's good for your skin!
zhongzi is a rice dumpling with either meat or red bean inside. it was pretty delicious. Apparently, and this was explained to me in chinese so i'm not exactly sure but, there was an emporer, or a leader of some sort who never listened to his advisors and he went to war and lost terribly and he felt so bad about it he threw himself into a river and died but there were lots of people that really loved him so they would get in boats and row out on the river and throw in rice dumplings so the fish would eat the dumplings and not his body. so that is how it started and now it has evolved into everyone making the dumplings just for us to eat and they have dragon boat races to see who can row the fastest. so there you have it. and that could be totally wrong, but that's what i understand it to be.

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