Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 16

Dear family,

I have been kidnapped by the russian mafia and they are making a movie about me and my companion. just kidding. sorry mum, not funny? Happy birthday to my dearest mother. Thank you for being so amazing. You are the best. Can't believe you're 43 already!

This week was an exciting one! Haha well, for missionary standards at least. Monday, for P-day we played sport at the CHapel. I jumped in with the tongans for a game of Volleyball, and man, it is a totally different sport with them. They brought this drink that i can't pronounce the name of but it was incredible, and Tongan pancakes which are soooooo delicious. on tuesday we had Zone conference so we slept at the Samoan Elders' flat monday night because it woud save us some K's and because we needed to get haircuts and elder Fuataga is the designated Zone barber. Zone conference was great. Heaps of things I can improve on and it was great to see all the elders from the MTC. Elder Ward is in Mittagong, Barlow is in Wollongong, and Hixson is in Liverpool. They've all spoken a little chinese, but only a couple conversations. But that's a couple conversations more than i've spoken! Hahaha We had interviews with President on Wednesday, which was awesome. I love President lew. He's cool as. (that's an aussie term. It's like they're letting you do the comparison. First time i heard someone say "sweet as" i thought they were saying something a little different.haha) He told me that He knew He was sending me to an area that has no chinese people, but there were other reasons he wanted me to come to Camden. I'm trying to figure those reasons out. He told me I will probably be staying here for another transfer because (spoiler allert) Dean is cleared for baptism and has a date for the 21st of December! So excited about that. President interviewed her and said that her intent is there and there's nothing she can do to get out of her living situation and baptism is the best thing for her right now. Can't wait for it. But President told me that my next companion will be a chinese speaker so that means i will most likely be leaving Camden after next transfer. That made me happy because it will be much easier to learn the language when i can at least speak it with my companion. Sister Lew gave me an oreo when i talked to her. She is so awesome. Best mission mom ever. You don't have to worry about my health or anything because she is on top of it. The first thing she asked me was, "do you excercise every morning" .... I DO, mom. Hahaha she is great. In case, you were wondering, I am healthy, and nothing "seems to be the problem." (I hope someone gets that quote)

On thursday we had tradeoffs with the district leader. I went with elder Fiu. He's our district leader and the coolest guy ever. For the fist time since the MTC, i went to bed after 10:00. We were just laying there talking til like 11. I know, REBEL. We taught 4 lessons that day, which is the highest number i've gotten so far. We got to talk to Jimmy and invited him to be baptised and he said he wanted to! he's grown up going to the Samoan church. I can't remember what it's called, but he said it's mostly just about culture and he likes how the mormons do it. He told us he doesn't want to set a date until he tells his parents so we are waiting for that to happen. The trouble with jimmy is just getting in contact with him. He doesnt' have a phone so we just have to stop in and see if he's home. It's all good though. The lord wants him to be baptised and will prepare a way for it to happen. Hopefully its before i get transferred. We tracted into a family from south africa and we are going to see them tonight. It was cool because we only planned to knock four doors at that time, but after we got yelled at once and the other three weren't home, elder Fiu wanted to hit one more and that's when we found them. hahaha It's always the last one!  Hopefully they will be receptive. And that is about it for the week.

Transfers are next week so i will be emailing a day later than usual so don't be freaking out, thinking i've been kidnapped or something. Hahaha But I'll let you all know what happens with that. Like i said, i think i'm staying here for another transfer, but the new car gets here this week so we are going down to mortdale to pick it up. Thank you for all the support and amazing-ness! Love you heaps!
Zai jian!
(that's right, i still speak chinese)
-Elder Tingey

Ps: sorry, no pictures this week. please don't be mad.

PPS: hint for the quote if you didn't get it yet: "it SEEMS my INSIDES want to be on my OUTSIDE"

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