Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 17

So here we are. 

P-day is here again. ya know how usually i say nothing really happened this week? Ya, that's not the case for this week...

Friday we went over to the Croft's for dinner because it was thanksgiving in America and they thought i would want to celebrate it. haha so while you were probably looking through newspapers for adds for black friday i was having my thanksgiving feast. That was super nice of them and since costco just opened like 20 min away, sister croft bought me a container of those peanut butter pretzel things! oh i was so excited. MEMBER LOVE. That is why missionaries are told to work closely with the members! hahaha Gotta love it.

SO. transfers were this week. On saturday we got a call from our district leader telling us that we both were not getting transfered, which wasn't much of a surprise since President had already told us that. So we go to lunch (Charcoal chicken right under our flat. ITs delicious and the lady there knows what i'm going to order since we go there so often) and Elder grant pulls out the phone and goes a little bit pale. He tells me we have a missed call from president. We go back to the flat and return the call and he asks elder grant to put it on speaker phone and then proceeded to ask both of us to train this next transfer. 

WHAT????????? I just started laughing. hahaha so I'm training next transfer! We pick them up tomorrow and Camden will have four elders now instead of two. And until we get a new flat we are shoving into the one we've got. but yeah, so that's big news. I've been out 8 weeks and now i have to train a new missionary. Good luck to me! hahaha it's going to be fun. but ill get to go see elder Randall come in! and maybe even train him! hahaha That would be awesome. so i guess just pray for me to not stuff up too bad and ruin this kid's mission.... 

Also, we received word that we will be able to Skype for Christmas! Not sure if that's a good thing cuz you'll be able to see how chubby i've gotten... hahah just kidding. i still havent' gained weight just so you know. But yeah. skype for christmas for an hour. So i'll do it on the day after christmas for me so that it will be christmas for you guys. Not sure of what time yet, but i will let you know as soon as i find out details.

We went on trade-offs again this week and i was with elder Arbado, elder fiu's companion. He's a funny guy from the phillippeans. He knocked on a door that he said was a member's, but then looked at me all horrified and said, "wait, wrong house, wrong house!" but he kept knocking and i was trying to walk away but he was laughing and then made me do a door approach to this kid. Turns out it really WAS the member's home and he was just messing with me. hahahaha i was so mad. 

I met Scott Tingey's companion on Sunday. Can't remember the name, but it was Scott's last companion and i think scott trained him. He told me they called scott the prophet because he was so diligent. Said Scott never once showed any sign of trunkyness even though it was is last two transfers. Elder Agrippa or something was his name, maybe. It was obvious that he thought really highly of elder Tingey

We are getting the new car when we pick up the new misisonaries and the new car will have a USB port so i can play music from my USB so if anyone wants to figure out how to send music over email i would love some religious christmas music and if we have any mission appropriate instrumental music that would also be appreciated. Thank you!:)

Hope all is well with everyone! Can't wait to see you on Christmas! I love getting your letters even if it's like every couple weeks and i get like three at a time. hahaha all good though. The work is good. Dean is lined up for her baptism on the 21st, but I will probably not be teaching her once the new missionaries get here because we will have to split the area and Elder Grant will probably be taking her.  Jimmy is keen for baptism too and he would probably be in my area! very excited, nervous, overwhelmed, and happy. There you go. those are my feelings right now. hahaha love you all!


Elder Tingey

The very mature elders of our district.

Sister Imamori captured true beauty with this one, i think. (those are not easy to get off of)

The Campbelltown 1st District-artsy style. actually it just accidentally focused on the grass instead of us. Story of our lives...

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