Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 18

New Companion!

Good morning from The Land Down Unda!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and not missing elder Tingey too much. This week was very eventful with picking up the new missionaries. My new companion is......(drumroll please)........ Elder Cheng! Mom wants full name so it's Cheng Zi Hao. If you haven't guessed yet, he is from China itself! A city called Cheng Du. President Lew kept his promise that my next companion will be a Chinese speaker! He's 20 years old and got baptised 2 years ago. It's cool because people in China that want to be baptised have to go to Hong Kong and usually they get all the missionary lessons in one day and get baptised that night. Elder Cheng started with the missionaries at 10:00 AM and then got baptised at 8:00 PM. amazing story. He is a great elder and we laugh all the time. He is learning english and he has a great attitude about it and i have loved the past week even though i feel completely overwhelmed with the whole training thing. Elder Grant's companion is from Hong Kong, which is great for Elder Cheng because he has someone to talk to in the flat. We laugh a lot because my chinese is so bad. Oh well. Hahaha it's the only way i'm going to learn the language.

I was excited to see elder randall at the new missionary meeting, but he wasnt' there!:( he didnt' get his visa and now he's in portland Oregon. hopefully he gets here before the 23rd so that i can see him at our christmas conference. If no, i guess i will just have to see him when i see him.

Because we had to split the area my teaching pool was drasticaly reduced. Elder Grant and Elder Wu are teaching dean, but we are teaching Jimmy still. Jimmy is doing well. he's hard to catch, but he wants to get baptised, but he wants to talk to his parents first and make sure they are okay with it. that might be a problem, though because his parents are strong efakasar members (not sure if that's spelled right, but its the samoan cultural religion)  we are praying they are okay with it. We have to do a lot more finding of new investigators so if anyone can remember good ideas that worked from their mission i would love to hear them.

This week I read through section 84 of the Doctrine and covenants and verse 119 really jumped out at me. There are times when I feel like I'm doing this work alone and that nobody cares about Camden, but if i just hold on a little while longer, i see the Lord's hand in this work. I love being able to be a part of the work at this time. Things are accellerating and everyone can feel it. I just need to take care of my part of the vineyard.

Love you all and can't wait to talk to yous at Christmas! By the way, I found a member's home to Skype at so what time do you want to do it? They said they will be home pretty much all day so whenever you want to should be fine. Sorry if this is too short, ask me questions if you want to know anything else.

Elder tingey

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