Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 19

Well okay family, here we are. It's a week before Christmas and all through the flat.... just kidding i don't know what to rhyme with that. OH SNAP THAT WAS ACCIDENTAL. hahahaha wow, that was amazing. 

Okay so this week was an interesting one. Curious. very curious. Just kidding but so on sunday of last week i went back to the flat after church with stomach pain and a fever and wicked diharea (however you spell that) so i didn't do much that day, then on monday i was feeling a lot better so we went to the chapel and played basketball.

Because i was sick we didn't get to do a ton of work this week, which stunk. I've decided i hate being in a car. I never get to talk to people when i'm driving around. Yesterday we decided to walk instead of drive and we talked to HEAPS of people! We met a chinese family on the street but they only spoke cantonese and they weren't interested in speaking english to us... I was so gutted. The one chinese family in camden and they don't speak mandarin and they gave us the cold shoulder! haha oh well. Another will come along.

Our car is supposed to be coming this week and our flat should be ready before christmas. I'm getting sick of being in that tiny flat with four elders. If you took our front room, dining room, and Kitchen, you would have an area bigger than our flat. It's tiny.

We got a referral from Bishop for a part-member family that he married a couple months ago that moved into the outskirts of our area. Since we have the car we will drive out and see them. I'm praying it turns into something because we could really use an investigator right now. Part member families are the best because it's automatic fellowship for them.

My chinese is getting better. I've learned all the things i've been saying wrong and having a native speaker as a companion is nice because i'm learning how to sound like a native. That doesn't mean i do okay. When you talk to me on christmas i will probably sound about like i did when i was leaving the MTC but it will get there. i'm still working on it.

How are we wanting to do the recorder? do i just send you the memory chip in the mail? or should i email the files? I don't have very much, but there is a little bit i could send you guys. I will figure out what time i'm going to skype you guys sometime this week and let you know next p-day. although, i'm not sure how we are doing email because it's our mission christmas conference next week.

We were told that we would be going to the temple this week, but then at the last minute they canceled on us and told us that it was a mistake of the APs. I was so bummed. but we are going to Flip out today for zone P-day. it's like airborne or jump on it. I'm so flippin excited.
K love you guys. Hope your days are being merry and bright. Lots of Love.

-Elder Tingey

This is Christmas in Camden (our ward christmas party). Hope you are having fun shoveling the driveway! Maybe not having me there will get you to buy a snowblower(i look weird because we had just been playing touch rugby so i'm out of breath and my shirt is untucked)

Someone tied one of those creepy troll dolls in a tree. Only in camden.

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