Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 47


it's the start of a new transfer and just like every other transfer, there were a bunch of changes. The big one is that elder Walsh got transferred! Hahaha which means my last 3 companions have been with me for only 1 transfer... i'm gonna start thinking i'm one of those troubled missionaries soon that don't have companions very long because people can't deal with me..... hahaha actually elder walsh got released from being a zone leader and got called as a district leader. So once again, elder tingey is expected to know what he's doing and get it all figured out... haha we'll see how it goes. between the area and being a zone leader, i'm a lost puppy. 

My new companion is Elder Bryce from Arizona. he's solid and a great teacher. I'm really excited for this next transfer. He's also Cantonese speaking. I think the AP's and President Palmer weren't aware of the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese because when i got to the transfer meeting, one of the AP's was like "hey, we put you with a chinese speaker." hahaha definitely not the same language, mate. haha but its all goods. this way we can cover the people from mainland and hong kong. We'll smash it. And that brings me to some other changes. We had two new APs called this transfer and they're having a tri-panionship of aps until the one who's been an ap the longest leaves. But the reason i'm telling you this is because Elder Fiu is one of the APs! hahaha the man. Love that kid. He's going to be awesome. It's funny too, because all three of the aps have served in Ginnindera ward. hahaha so we talk about the area and they all want to be the one to come on trade-offs here. 

Also, we got a new mission president this week! he got here on saturday morning. President Back. He's the man. he got up in transfer meeting and said that he and sister back really have no idea what they're doing. hahaha They are still jet-lagged, and the APs have been showing them the ropes. He talked about how in this mission we are going to be obedient, we are going to work hard, and on P-day we are going to play hard. haha he really is the coolest guy. Already love him and sister back. I can't wait for our zone conference this week. At transfer meeting they talked a lot about love and how that has to be central to our work. Love for God first, and then love for all those around us. I think that's so true.

Hoa is on date for this saturday! We have a few things to work out but i'm praying that next week i will be able to send you a picture of her in white! She is so great. I can't even explain how much i love her and want her to be happy. Every time we teach her it makes my day.

This past week we had a new investigator come to church. His name is Jeremy and he's a Chinese Uni student. We started out just playing basketball with him and he didn't seem that interested, but he texted us and said he wanted to learn about jesus Christ. Hahaha i love texts like those. He's still a bit reserved, and doesn't want to commit to baptism, but he is interested to learn and hopefully as he learns more, he will develop that desire.

Hope you are all doing well. Glad the Jazz got themselves an aussie. haha and i've heard the US is doing well in the world cup! keep me updated on that. It's always good to hear from all of you. Love you all heaps and heaps! Have a good week!


Elder Tingey

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