Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 51

G'day. Hope you're all having a wonderful sunday. It's just another beautiful day in Canberra today. It's getting warmer here. Slowly, but surely. haha i think they just sent me down here for the cold part of the year and once it gets warmer they're going to send me up to Sydney where it's just really hot. Hopefully not. I'd be totally fine to celebrate Christmas here.

Update on people: Hoa is doing good. we went over there and talked to her for a bit. It was short because i didn't want to keep her out of bed for too long. SHe's been having trouble understanding the book of mormon because the vietnamese translation is apparently really hard to understand. And she's not the only person who's told me that. In wollongong we had a vietnamese member who couldn't understand the book of mormon very well in Vietnamese. And then the english translation is really difficult for her to understand as well so we have started reading with her. We read the story of Nephi and his brothers getting the plates and she seemed to really like how brave Nephi was. Haha i told her she is brave too, going through what she's going through. She's awesome. We just got her a book of mormon stories book that has all the pictures and stuff. i think that will help her understand it more. 

Our boy Scott told us he is moving to hong Kong. he said he wants to live with his idol, Bruce Li. Good news is that he knows a little bit of chinese. He said he knows some swear words and numbers so i asked how to say 17 and said shi san, which was close enough to convince me! He's going to save his government pension to buy a plane ticket and then fly there and get chinese citizenship. I told him to call us if he needs help packing up because he said he only wants to take one suitcase and i just know there's hidden treasures in that flat. haha just kidding but he really said he's moving to hong kong so we're going to miss him if he goes.

We were walking through the city on wednesday and we were standing at a cross walk and it was like an island thing in the middle of the road, and elder pederson (we were on trade-offs) leaned in close and said, "i think we might need a priesthood holder..." so i looked around and saw that standing on the island behind us was about 9 chinese girls and we started cracking up. And then we contacted one of them and met Ruth! Ruth is from CHina studying at ANU. She told us she is already Christian! So we talked to her about what we do as missionaries and asked if we could meet up and she said yes! so we met up and talked on saturday and we taught the restoration and invited her to be baptized and she said yes! I was so excited. And she's going to read the book of mormon. We are meeting with her this saturday again. Really excited about it.

Yang Bai texted us and told us she doesn't want to meet for a while. She said she's going through some things at the moment she needs to straighten out. So we're praying for her to text us. She's the one who has been taught everything and wants to be baptized she just needed to move out or get married. So hopefully she texts us back because she was really cool.

I had a cool experience on sunday. We got to church and this guy walked in and came up and asked me if Elder Shafer was here today and i told him that elder Shafer had been transfered and my companion and i had replaced him and his companion. So he told me his name was Reza. He is from Iran and he is a member of our ward but he goes to woden ward. So we were talking a bit before sacrament started and i asked him when he got baptized and he said a bout 5 years ago in Canada. I said that was pretty cool and we kept talking and he asked me where i was from and when i said Utah, he asked, "do you know elder Neff?" haha that seems to be everyone's reply. People i guess think if you live in utah, you know everyone from Utah. so i told him there were a lot of Neffs in Utah but i know some. and he said "do you know Ben Neff? He just got married a couple months ago." hahahaha so if ben neff served in Canada then i definitely met his recent convert! How cool is that?!?! and he wants to serve a mission! So we're going to meet with him this week to talk about what he needs to do. I thought it was flippin awesome. It was cool, too, because i felt the spirit soooooo strong when he told me it was elder Neff that taught him. So if you could figure out the details and let me know that would be awesome. I've already emailed his little sister but if anyone is in close contact with Ben, give him my email and i'll tell him about it. Unless ben didn't serve in Canada, then i would be disappointed... :( haha let me know.

Okay i know it's like feast or famine when it comes to my emails, but i just give yous what i've got. hahaha Love you all! hope lake powell was fun. Mom was nice enough to send some pictures to remind me it's been 2 years since i've been there... hahaha i think i would kill for a wakeboarding run right now. but i'd rather teach people the gospel so its all good. haha. Have a good week!


Elder Tingey 

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