Saturday, February 1, 2014

Week 25

Happy Australia day everyone!!!!!

That's the reason i'm emailing today. Because all the libraries were closed yesterday because it was a public holiday. The real thing was on sunday, but Australians love their three-day weekends just like Americans so everyone had work off on monday so that's when all the mormons celebrate it. 

Sunday morning there was a parade down the main street of Camden so we watched it. On monday our ward had a barbecue. Then we went to a park in campbelltown to play some volleyball with the other missionaries. It was great. 

Mom wants to know how we get to the temple so i will say that we take the train and it takes about an hour or so. I've only gone once and i can't really remember. 

Vicky the chinese girl we met canceled on us last minute on friday and we haven't been able to get in contact with her since. Probably not a good thing but we'll keep trying. We're going to go visit Ken tomorrow and ask him about the stuff we gave him to read and see if he has any questions. Right now we have a ton of potential investigators, but it's just a matter of getting to see them because no one seems to be home, like, ever. Someone who looks like they have a lot of potential is a kid named Lachlan Mackenzie. He's in 10th grade and he visited and asked for missionaries to be sent to him and he said he wants to learn more. Hopefully he is one of those prepared people to hear the gospel!

This week I decided to start studying the Life of Christ a little bit more so i started reading the New testament. Matthew chapter 10 was really cool to read. It's Christ talking to his apostles, but it really is talking to missionaries too. Go have a read. 

I feel like i'm getting into the swing of being a district leader. almost. well, not really. hahaha struggle buddy. We have a district leader training meeting on thursday which i'm hoping helps me get a little bit better idea of what i'm doing. 

I feel like there is more to tell you but i just can't remember it all. Maybe i will take mom's advise and write stuff in my planner that i want to tell you... we'll see. 
Love you all! Be good! Do member missionary work!


Elder tingey

We all got Lava lavas. yes, i'm one of those missionaries that because i've lived with a samoan i think i'm samoan. 
But i don't care.

The parade sunday morning.

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