Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 29

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for........ 

Elder Tingey has been transferred........... To......... WOLLONGONG!!!! 

I'm so flippin excited! And guess what! My companion is Elder Barlow!!!!!! hahahahaha I died when I saw it. And elder Hixson is in my flat!!!! So awesome. Just the drive alone from mortdale down to The GONG, as the call it here, was soooo beautiful! Go look up pictures, cuz this place is paradise! The combo of beach and cliffs and rainforest is just so awesome! 

I had to say goodbye on sunday to everyone and that was a lot harder than I was expecting. Camden ward is a good place with some good people in it. It's amazing how life can change completely so quickly and all you can do is move forward and keep doing the best you can. Literally the only constant thing about missionary work is our message. And that in and of itself is what is really cool. no matter if I'm speaking English, Chinese, or samoan, jesus is still the Christ, yesu hai shi jidu. so awesome. K I'm going to have to cut this short because we are going to the Buddhist temple today and we have to leave and I spent all my time reading the 35 emails I had... hahaha too much love for elder tingey.

The conference was amazing with elder Nelson. There is not much cooler than being in the presence of an apostle. It seemed to me like his message was pretty much "you may not be much, but you're all the Lord's got." hahaha that might seem blunt, but it's pretty true. he talked about how the lord has a pattern of using the unlikely to accomplish the impossible. David and goliath, the virgin mary, joseph smith...Elder tingey.... hahaha but it's true. And when I got into my new flat, there was a quote on the wall that said "two people can do anything if one of them is God." Such an awesome quote. Remember that what we are asked to do sometimes may seem unlikely for us to accomplish, and somethimes it feels impossible, but with the lord, somehow it happens and it ends up working out just fine.
Things are going good. I'm so excited for this transfer. There's a uni in Wollongong so there's heaps of Chinese people here! so happy. Love you all! Sorry this is really short and you probably have heaps of questions, but i'll try to talk more next week! hahaha love you!!!!

Elder tingey

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