Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 27


What a week, what a week. We had an awesome week. Do you want me to tell you about our week? okay i will. So this week we had our ward conference. Poor bishop, got put in and has 3 weeks to get ready for ward conference. It was a really awesome meeting, but the cool thing was the week leading up to it. Bishop wanted to really push for Less actives to be there so we went on heaps of rescue visits. There are a bunch of names on our ward list that i have never heard/met before. So Elder Cheng and I spend a lot of the week visiting these people and inviting them to ward conference. I'll tell you less-active work is probably the most rollercoaster-like a mission gets. Street contacting you know you will usually get ignored and rejected, and tracting you will most likely get told no thank you or the door slammed in your face. Visiting members is always easy and happy and usually unproductive, but with Less actives you just don't know. There were some people that were really cool and would let us in and talk to us for AGES and when we would invite them to church they would either accept, or tell us that now just isn't the time for them.... that's the worst. But We went to visit the relief society president's husband, who is less active. We talked for a while and he was HECTIC! AND he came to ward conference! So sweet. I love when that happens. 

This week President Lew decided to show up to our Zone Training Meeting on friday. It was really awesome to have him there. He brings a spirit to meetings that just makes everyone more receptive to the spirit. Elder PHillips and Elder Katene gave an amazing training and we had lunch as a zone after it was done. (the sisters were nice enough to make it for us) 

Things are going pretty good. Life is difficult. Missions are no different. The difficulties are different, but hard is hard no matter what it is that makes it hard. Bishop spoke on Patriarchal blessings on sunday so i took the opportunity to read over mine as well as my setting apart and father's blessing. Man i'm so happy i have all of those. It's odd how it takes certain experiences to make certain parts pop out at you, but there's always something good in there. Speaking of which, I think i might have sent my farewell talk home when i left the MTC on accident cuz i can't find it anywhere... Could you send that to me? 

We went to the Temple today and it was awesome. That's why this is coming at such a weird time. It took for flippin ever to get back to camden. But that's okay. TOtally worth it. 

Okay mom is probably mad that this email isn't longer, but i'm struggling for things to say. District leader stuff is going well. I have my first baptismal interview on thursday with the zone leaders investigator Tiara so hopefully i don't totally mess it up. WE've got a sweet district and it's fun to serve them. 

Love you heaps. Love being a missionary! Love the gospel. Love it all. that's really the only reason we do anything here is because of love, so remember that this Valentines' season:)


Elder Tingey

also, i left my camera in the car so you will have to wait until next week for pictures. I think i have a few.

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