Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 26

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!!! 

I know you're all enjoying yourself. Hope the Hanks havent caught on to the fact that we use them for their cable yet... Not sure who i want to win between the seahawks and the Broncos. Both good teams. I think i'm going to have to go with the Seahawks though. Blame elder Hixson, but he got me to start following them and even though i love zane Beadles, i'm going for Seattle. But if Denver wins, then thats' okay, cuz denver's a favorite anyway. Seattle's just a little bit more favorite. but they're both good. THEY'RE BOTH GOOD. Hahaha Yes. 

THings have been pretty good here in Camden. I went on two trade-offs this week and i still have 5 more before the end of the transfer. We usually teach a lot more lessons when we go on trade-offs. I went with Elder Perkins on Saturday and we went to visit Ken, but he wasn't there and we talked to his daughter for a while. She's going through a rough time, so i asked if i could share a scripture with her from the Bible. She was hesitant and said she's more of a spiritual person and not like scriptures and religion, but she said okay so I shared with her Matthew 26:41. It's an awesome scripture that I had just read that morning. I testified to her that God lives and that he loves her and that he is waiting to give us strength for us to ask him for it. The spirit was really strong and it was just one of those moments that make all the other less-happy moments worth it. 

So yesterday i woke up and went about my sunday morning routine. (except it was fast sunday so i didn't put rice in the cooker before i showered) I went into the bathroom and put shaving cream on to shave, but when i tried to turn on the faucet nothing came out. I turned on the shower...same thing. No water! Hahaha I walked out of the bathroom to ask the other elders what was going on and they had no idea. we were calling people all morning and trying to figure out what was going on and why we had no water, but no one was answering. Luckily we have 12:30 church or else we would have been late. We even tried calling the other missionaries, but they were all in church or meetings or something so they didn't answer. Then i remembered that one of the flats they don't have a key so they leave the garage door unlocked and so anyone can get in so we took our towels and stuff and drove down to their flat and showered and then went to church. When we got back to the flat last night the water was back on and all is well now so no worries! hahaha it was great. 
On Saturday we went and played footy (football (not american football. it's touch rugby)) with the macarthur elders and some less actives and non-members.  It was awesome. I couldn't walk the next day, but It was fun. I still don't understand the game fully, but when i come home i will and i will teach you guys how to play. 

I can't remember if i told you, but on the 19, Russel M. Nelson is coming and we are having a joint North and South Sydney mission conference. It's going to be awesome. I'm so excited. 
This week for chinese New Year Elder Cheng's family sent him a package. It had heaps of chinese food. I ate Duck's tongue and it was pretty good! I thought it was weird that there was like a bone in it, but it tasted good and the meat was nice. not as chewy as i thought it would be. Hahaha GOod stuff. 

Okay i'm done. Love you all Heaps and heaps! THe church is the true church of God on the Earth. and that''s pretty cool, i think.

Elder Tingey

Ps i got the video of us doing the Hakka at the Christmas conference but it's way too big to send over email, so if dad ever figures out the drop box, maybe it will work through that...

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