Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 28

This week was good. I got to give a baptismal interview which was awesome! I was really nervous that something was going to come up and i wouldn't know how to deal with it, but Elder Phillips and Elder Katene had prepared her really well for baptism. She smashed all the questions. She got baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday.

We got to stop by a Less-active Family on thursday and talk to the father. We shared a message about faith and after we had finished he asked us to stay for a bit and have an ice block (popcicle). We talked for about half an hour after that about his mission in Tonga. It was so awesome. He has such strong faith. 

It seemed like all the appointments we set this week fell through and all the people we went to visit weren't home or were busy, so it was kindof a long week, but on saturday Bishop gave us a list of people whose records had just been moved into our ward, but they haven't been to church so we are going to go visit them. That's always an exciting thing, so wish us luck! 

This week is going to be a crazy one. I'm going on trade offs tomorrow with Elder Coats, then Wednesday we have the conference with Elder Nelson, and wednesday night we are going up to Minto to teach a Chinese investigator because they don't have any chinese speaking missionaries there, and his english isn't very good, and his wife is samoan and can't speak a lick of chinese. Just goes to show how much they really love each other. and then on thursday we are going on splits with one of the Bishopric members and Friday we have a big service project and saturday we also have a big service project and we get transfer calls. I talked to Elder Hixson and elder Barlow yesterday because there was a big south pacific area broadcast at the stake center and all missionaries in the stake had to go and They are both in Wollongong and said they speak chinese every day. I'm not saying i want to get transferred, but someday i hope to use my language. I think one of us in Camden will get transferred. Not sure which one it will be, but i think someone will. 

I've been studying the New Testament to learn more about Christ's life and how i can be more like him. He truly was amazing. He was the perfect example in every aspect of life. Like it says in ether 12:27 "if men come unto me i will show unto them their weakness". It's like comparing those paint chips. Sometimes you can't tell that one is off-white until you hold it up to something perfectly white. That's when we can see where we need to improve and if we humble ourselves, we can become that perfect shade of white. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day. Love you all so very much, and i hope you kept an eye on mom so she couldn't sneak out and put valentines on the porch. And there were probably just roses on the porch and a Symphony bar from dad! Hahaha man i miss you guys so much! Love you heaps!


Elder Tingey

I'm just so thankful that at least my FAMILY knows how to spell my name...

The Duck tongue was actually pretty good. And then this week Elder Peleuale came back to the flat one night all excited because he got ahold of some chicken necks! hahaha We cooked them up and had a feed on friday. They tasted great, there just wasn't a whole ton of meat on them.

I got the Valentine's package!!! Thank you sooooo much! Send everyone's moms my love! 

at the temple. with some people from the zone. for some reason nobody got into the picture. And i put it on self timer. pretty dang good photography if you ask me.

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