Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 48

This week was a very "missionary-like" week. hahaha ups and downs, but you get to sunday night and look back and are able to see the miracles. I know the Lord has a hand in this work and everything happens under his timing and will. Tuesday night we visited Hoa and talked about her baptism. She told us that she wants to be able to live the commandments before she gets baptized and she is struggling with the word of wisdom and tithing. She drinks tea and coffee and doesn't make very much money. She wanted to postpone her date so the baptism didn't happen last week...:( broke my heart, but she has desire to follow christ and i know that she will be baptized someday. We just need to work with her. I was amazed when she told us she didn't want to be baptized on saturday that instead of being frustrated, i was instantly filled with so much love for her it was weird. haha she really is the best and i just want her to have that happiness that only comes from the gospel.

We had zone conference last week and MLC yesterday and i have been amazed at President Back. It truly was inspiration for him to be called here. He is amazing. It has been cool to see him come in and everything he's said has seemed to hit home for me as something i need to do to improve my personal ministry. Something he said yesterday that i loved was "almost every problem we have as a missionary is from a lack of faith." man that is so true. If you're teaching pool isn't doing very well, it's probably because you need to improve your faith to find the elect. If you're struggling with your companion, it's probably because you need to improve your faith that the mission is led by inspiration. it's just a really cool principle to think about. and he talked about Numbers 21 how the children of israel just needed to look to the brass serpent to be saved, but yet there were many who wouldn't look and perished. It really is simple what we are asked to do here on the earth, but it's US who complicate it by lack of faith.

We had trade-offs with the APs when they came down for our zone conference and i got to go with Elder Fiu! He is so awesome. It was a sweet trade-off and i learned so much. He has such great faith and it rubs off on everyone he's around.

We went to visit a former last week and it turns out two of our formers live in the same apartment complex right across the hall from each other! haha so we knocked on the first and it was this auzzie guy who told us to come back later cuz he was on the phone so we knocked on the other one and they weren't home but the other guy must have looked through the peep hole because we heard him say "it's the mormons. They're knocking every door. haha they don't know that i'm the only one home in this place! everyone else goes out!" hahaha we left, and were laughing sooo hard. but then we went to drive away and elder Bryce was backing me and as i backed up this fijian couple pulled up and elder Bryce started talking to them and they invited us in so i pulled back into my spot and we went in and taught the whole restoration! We gave them a book of mormon and we will be seeing them this week! that was an awesome miracle. One that i had been praying for. I love being a missionary. It's literally the best thing. It depresses me to think that someday i will have to give it up and be a normal citizen.... hahaha but i still have over a year before that! haha love you all. have a good week! pray for hoa!


Elder Tingey

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