Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 50

Pretty good week. 

We did a lot of finding this past week and i wish i could say it payed off, but we didn't have much success as far as finding people goes. But that's alright. we'll keep going regardless. We did have one girl invite us back tuesday to talk to her. haha they found her when i was on trade-offs in a different area and elder Bryce is worried because she's like our age and decently attractive. hahaha I'LL be the judge of THAT. haha it's okay because my missionary goggles are fastened safely on. But apparently she's aussie so it might be the second aussie i teach on my mission! haha the last one got baptized so i'm hopeful! haha 

We got a referral this past week from missionaries up in the North mission for a guy that they had been teaching, and he has come to church a bunch of times and he committed to baptism, but they found out that he lives like an hour out of canberra and just goes up to sydney for work and that's when he'd go to church so they referred him to us and we called him and he was totally keen to meet with us, but he's only at the place they told us he lived (a small town called Tarago) on like monday and tuesday every week so we're not sure how we're going to go about helping him get baptized but we'll keep yous updated!

Just an update on Hoa, She has been in and out of the hospital for the past week because of complications in her pregnancy and because of it she is on strict bed rest. She's at about 23 weeks right now and i think she was having early labor pains or something so they want to keep the baby inside because it's definitely not ready to be born. We visited her in the hospital and then visited with her husband Vin at their house while she was resting. Please please please pray for her. She's taking it like a champ, but it's gotta be hard on her. She will probably be laying in bed for the next like 3 months.

We had interviews with President Back on Friday. Love him. he showed me the message dad left on his phone as he was leaving for Sydney! hahaha and then he was like "i hope that doesnt make you trunky." hahah he's the man. You can just tell that he is inspired in his calling and i'm excited to see where the mission is at in 1 year.

Yang Bai got back from traveling last week and she moved into her new apartment. We are hoping to meet up with her this week and set up a baptismal date! Simon also was supposed to get back from china last week, but he didn't answer our calls and wasnt home when we stopped by. Hopefully we can meet with him as well and set up a date for him too!

Hope you are all loving life and finding missionary opportunities everywhere! We had a gospel principals lesson on fasting this week and i had a prompting i should fast with you this week so i'm going to be fasting on wednesday for me which should be tuesday for you. Love you all heaps! Have a good week!


Elder Tingey

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