Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 49

Quite an interesting week. 

It's amazing how at the end of every week you feel the same amount of exhaustion, but some weeks seem to have more to talk about than others. This week not much happened. Except We had to travel down to queanbeyan to get a "working with Children" background check done. it's this new thing in NSW where people have to be checked in order to work with kids. so all the missionaries had to do it, but since we actually aren't in NSW (we're in the ACT) we had to travel outside of the ACT to go get it. Side note: we got our car back, but they cut us 500 ks so we've been walking a ton still. So to save ks we decided to take public transport. Problem is, public transport isn't very simple when you're going inter-state so it was quite an adventure for the four of us. Haha it was funny because we got there really smoothly. we only had to wait in the city for half an hour for a bus to take us down to the south side of the ACT and then the train from fishwick to queanbeyan left right away and it wasn't a very long walk to the RMS where we got the check done, but the way back was a different story. We had to wait about 2 1/2 hours for the train back, and then the bus was another half hour to the city, and another half hour to our flat... haha and we saved a total of 60 ks.... but we talked to heaps of people along the way so it was good.

We've been doing a lot of finding recently because our teaching pool is pretty small. But this week i'm really excited because 2 former investigators are coming back to canberra. one was in china, and the other was travelling australia and they both had baptismal dates at one point. so we're praying for them. It's Simon and Yang bai. They're solid.

There's not a whole ton else to write about. We're trying to start a chinese gospel principles class for the chinese investigators, so i'll let you know how that ends up. We have interviews with president this friday so i'm also excited for that.

Love you all heaps! If you have any questions for me i'd love to answer them! haha give me something more to write because i know mom is going to be mad my letter is this short this week.... hahahaha sorry.

Elder Tingey

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