Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 58

Alright what a week. 

First off, thank you to everyone who is praying for sister Levine. She is improving, but is not out of the woods yet! Please keep her and her family in your prayers this week. We visited last p-day and her parents were doing okay. it's been cool to see everyone pull together. we have missionaries, members, less-actives, and nonmembers all praying for her.
A quick shout out to Sister Katie Nydegger, having her farewell today. She's going to be a smash missionary.

We had an investigator committed to come to church last week and he never showed up and then he texted us later that night and told us that he took the bus to the suburb where our church is, then walked around for an hour and a half, looking for it. Then asked the people at the shops where it was and they had no idea and then his phone died so he couldn't call us so he went home. haha poor guy. then the other elders had a baptism yesterday for the friend of one of the recent converts in the ward so we invited him to come see it. We were a bit nervous that his first contact with the church would be a baptism, but it went great! He loved it and came to church yesterday and loved that as well. He told us that he wants to come to church for the rest of the time he's in canberra. His name is jimmy. He's chinese and he's a uni student at ANU. I've been trying to get an ANU t-shirt, but they're really expensive. we'll see if i can get one from a reject shop or something. But Jimmy is awesome. I'm really excited for him.

Our YSA advisors just told us that they have a list of about 150 chinese ysa less-actives taht they want us to find out if they still live here or if they have moved back to china so i'm, really excited to go find them all. I'm really praying that i don't get transferred. This is the last week of transfers. I really like our zone so i hope not too many people get transferred. (plus it's the biggest pain to get everyone with their luggage all the way up to sydney)

On thursday we went to visit a referral that the Tuggeranong elders gave us. Her name is jacklynn and she is from Peru. We walked in and she took us into this meditation room that had hardwood floors with these little pillows on the floor and there were pictures of those hindu gods and goddesses all over the walls so i knew we were in for an interesting lesson. but we start talking and ask her what her religious background is and she says Christian. haha so then i was just really confused. (remember i'm trying to sit cross-legged on a tiny pillow this whole time until i gave up and just stretched my leggs out straight...curse my bad hips) but she tells us that she has a book of mormon and she used to meet with her group in the same building the mormons met in when she was living in equador. so she's interested in it. and she loved that we don't believe in the trinity! haha it was pretty cool. We're meeting with her this thursday to talk more.

We visited some potentials last night. It's three guys from africa. They don't have that great of english and they're all muslim so it was pretty interesting, but they were way cool and i think we're going to play basketball sometime.

Life is going pretty good. Loving australia, especially since it's getting a bit warmer. Love you all! have a great week! the church is true!

-Elder Tingey

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