Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 59

Man. another great week. This is going to be a short email because i don't have tons of time today.

We got transfer calls on saturday. Elder Bryce got transferred and he went to the cantonese branch up in sydney so he was really excited about that. i'm happy for him. Just wish there was a mandarin branch in our mission. haha i guess canberra is my mandarin branch... My new companion is Elder Katene. He's from new zealand and he's maori. he's the man. Totally hilarious. We're going to have a good time this transfer. I'll get a picture of us together and send it to you next week.

On friday there was a big farewell party for a senior missionary couple who went home yesterday. It was pretty big because they have only been in canberra the whole 18 months so everyone knows them really well. But they got permission from president back that all the missionaries could come to it so we went and were mingling with all the people and then they got on the microphone and said the program would be starting so everyone needed to take their seats. Most people were already in their seats because that's how normal people are, but missionaries are the ones who are supposed to mingle with everyone to find the nonmembers there. so we go to take our seats and there are only the ones on the front row left so we all sit down in this big row in the front and this polynesian brother gets up and starts playing the guitar and singing and it was pretty good and we were all happy, having a good time. and then they announced that the next performance would be a hawaiian dance... and these two girls come out and start doing this dance, but this was in the cultural hall so they're just doing it in front of the crowd on the same level. And at first it was fine. just the typical hawaiian dancing, but then the beat started getting really fast and the girl turns around and starts doing the thing where they move their hips really fast and it got awkward for us really fast... haha suddenly my empty plate of food became really interesting to look at... hahaha luckily i was sitting off to the side but one of our elders was sitting literally right in front of her and we look over at him and he has his head looking down and is reading his scriptures! hahah had his full quad out and was reading them! hahahahaha i was dying. The life of a missionary:)

Jimmy came to church again and loved it. We taught him the restoration during the week and he loved it. He's on date now for the 18 of Oct. Please pray for him. He told us that he has been reading some jehovah witness stuff so hopefully he sees through it because they have some really messed up ideas. Its the week after break this week so there's a lot of assignments due and quizes apparently. i swear they always have quizes. haha
Love you all! have a wonderful week! Church is true!

-Elder Tingey

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