Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 60

Pretty sweet week this week. 

First of all, there is nothing better than having a polynesian companion. and i'll tell you why. Because polynesians have an unspoken language with other polynesians that involves the offering of food. I'll explain what i mean with an example. Last night we were in trouble because our P-day got switched to tuesday so we were running very low on food. the pantry was empty except for rice. and we had some milk and oranges and frozen veggies in the fridge. So we decided to go out and visit people and hope for a miracle. SO westart out and are getting nothing. and we finally end up at a less-active's house and she is also from new zealand of maori descent. we were having a chat and suddenly, she looks at elder Katene and asks the most inspired question i've heard on my mission thus far: Have you eaten yet? and that was it. she ordered fish and chips for us and the left-overs are sititng in our fridge because of course there was an absurd amount that there was no way we could have finished in one sitting. haha i love it. and we realized that people, regardless of race, ALWAYS assume a polynesian is hungry. So we seem to get fed more often than when its just two white elders.

Second of all, Jimmy is smashing it. He's read heaps of the book of mormon and seems to really enjoy it. He's the man. We taught him the plan of salvation and clarified some of the things in the first 10 chapters of the book of mormon. we're just hoping to get some more fellowship in the ward for him. We taught wilma this week and she told us that she feels like she has 60% faith. haha but i think that's really good. she's really cool. We also had a smash lesson with karka last night. I think the main thing keeping her from progressing is that they don't have the book of mormon in her native language. so last night we committed her5 to read it in english and take it really slow and underline everything she doesn't understand and we'd go through it with her and explain it all. it was a good lesson and the spirit was really strong She's really cool. and her family is the best. they always give us cool asian lollies when we go over there. Yang bai and violet have dropped off until the end of the semester which is oct 22. so they'll be on hold for a bit here. This past week elder bowcut had a potential that he talked to start texting him and getting a little too close. and finally sent him a very explicit text that made elder bowcut text back and ask that they never contact him again. See the problem is, it was a man from sri lanka.... hahahahahaha

Third, a couple weeks ago there was some terrorist activity going on up Sydney so all the missionaries are not supposed to visit muslims. pretty crazy. not surre if i already told you that... hope not. We're going on an adventure today for P-day because it's the end of the month and we have like 300 extra k's. so we don't really have a plan, but its just going to be an adventure.

Love you all! hope you are livin it up! The weather is beautiful now. and it's just in time for my birthday! and i get to go to general conference on my birthday! that's like the best present ever. haha i'm so excited for general conference. getting my questions and stuff ready. hope you are all doing the same!



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