Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 61

Well okay here we are. 

haha this is the most messed up week ever. Monday was a public holiday (again) so all the libraries were closed and tuesday we had MLC up in Sydney so they told all the zone leaders and sister training leaders they could choose between monday and wednesday for their P-day so we decided to go visit some people up in goulburn on monday and drive up to sydney monday night, stay at the APs flat and take p-day on wednesday. and then tomorrow we have trade-offs with the assistants so they're coming down tonight and then friday we are doing our zone training meeting and saturday and sunday is conference. haha not one just normal day of proselyting this week. and that is why i'm emailing at such a random time. Also they just made the parking at the library $5 so if ever you just don't get an email from me you can assume that yous just aren't worth the $5. hahaha just kidding!

MLC was good. just sometimes i feel like we have too many chiefs and not enough indians up there. I was getting close to just flipping the table and walking out. haha but it's a good thing i've been studying chapter 6 of preach my gospel! The meeting started at 9:00 and we had to leave at 3:30 so we could drive home and it was still in full swing. they did feed us lunch which was pretty good. i just can't be in a meeting for that long. i get distracted after a few hours.

okay mom wants me to talk about all my investigators and stuff. The peruvian woman we dropped because we tried to visit her a few more times and we kept getting hindu bashed and they always just told us she was out of town and they didn't know when she was supposed to get back. haha so we are moving on! The three african guys we can't go visit because of the rule about teaching people of the islam faith.... awkward... haha not sure what happened up in sydney, but i know it's all under control. you don't have to worry. even though i'm serving in the nation's capital which is probably the highest likely target of a terrorist attack. hahaha really though, it is all under control. I don't feel in danger at all. 

Jimmy is doin great. he's still on for baptism on the 18th. his auntie and brother came to visit from china and he brought them to church. and he showed up in a suit! haha he's the man. and he told our ward mission leader that he wants to serve a mission like us after he finishes school! he really is the man. pray hard for us to keep his date the 18th. we have a few things still to teach him. Karka we weren't able to meet up with this week. nobody answered on saturday when we went to visit and we dropped by sunday and she said she had visitors so we will go by later this week. i'll have to ask president about maybe having a temple square missionary help out. we'll see if she understands much of the book of mormon. Wilma is doing good. she just is very busy with school and she told us that in early november she will be moving up to sydney so right now we are reading the book of mormon with her. she told us she hasn't felt much from reading the book of mormon yet, but when she prays she feels peaceful. She's great.

Elder Katene is from a small farming town in New Zealand on the west coast of the North Island. It's called Talinuky (or at least that's what it kindof sounds like. you never know with those kiwi accents) he's the man. he's been out for a little longer than me. he was my zone leader when i was in camden. it's funny because camden is in macarthur zone, and macarthur zone has heaps of problems all the time. like missionaries getting sent home, problems. so he is very experienced with dealing with problems. haha but he took a breath of fresh air when he came to canberra because i told him that in 3 transfers i haven't had to do very much as far as big issues go. and that's why it's so nice being zone leader in canberra. haha except for the fact that nobody has any idea who you are when you go to conferences and stuff. It's been a big change to go from elder Bryce to elder Katene. haha i went from GO GO GO to way more kick back. He's hard working, but he does it in an islander way. We laugh all the time. I love it. Good times.

Well i hope you all had a great week and enjoyed conference and played slow motion football inbetween the sessions! haha i miss that. I'm really excited for conference. it's going to be great. and its my birthday! i'm not sure if i got the package for my birthday yet. i don't think i did, but the sister training leaders got the mail from the office before us (gotta love sisters) so i'm not sure. i'll find out on friday. If not that's okay because we are having a big hot-pot party for our dinner hour on sunday. it will be great. don't you worry about it.
Love you all! The church is true! have a good week!

-Elder tingey

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