Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 76

Alright sorry about last week it was a bit crazy trying to get everyone emailed so i figured i'd make sure i didn't take away too much time from the others. 

The trade off went well. Since Cowra is so far away we just drove down on sunday night and blitzed it with both companionships for p day and tuesday. It was really fun and we got some serious stuff done. Its elder Fitzner and Elder Smith down there. Not sure if you know, but i lived with elder smith for two transfers in canberra. He's Elder Bowcut's son. I was with Elder Fitzner and we worked pretty much the whole day in a small town called Woodstock... hahaha it was pretty good. Not much reception, but there were some pretty funny people there. One guy was a jehovah's witness for like 20 years and now is atheist.. not sure how that happens, but he was nice to us. And then it started raining on us while we were tracting, so we racked in the wife points...haha. It was really good, though. Those are some good elders and we had lots of fun even though their flat is only meant for 2 people so we had one on the floor every night but we switched off so it was alright. I think trade-offs are like everything else in the church for me. Like, when i am supposed to be teaching, or training, or leading or doing stuff like that i am pretty confident i learn more than the people i'm teaching or training. Haha not sure if that's a good thing or not, but its true. 

Our mission is reading the book of mormon together again and its been pretty awesome. I'm focusing on the attributes of Christ as i read through, which i'm doing in Chinese (pinyin) and i've learned a lot from it. I love the book of mormon. Theres times when i spend my whole personal study on just reading the book of mormon. I had the chance to have my testimony of the book of mormon questioned this past week and it made me do a lot of thinking on how i know the book of mormon is true. I never got to hold the plates, or sit under joseph smith's voice or stand in the sacred grove and witness the first vision, but i also never got to walk the shores of Galilee or the streets of Jerusalem, or the Garden of Gethsemane, or calvary with Christ, but I know he lived and that he is my saviour. So the only way i can confess that Jesus is the Christ is by the power of the Holy Ghost and i confess the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration by the same exact power. I hope everyone takes every opportunity possible to read it. It truly is the most correct of any book on earth. 

We had a branch council this past week. It was really good. It was the first one since i've been here and i'm pretty sure its the first one since like ever so it was awesome! We set goals for the year and i think it will be good for the branch to have something to work towards. Our first step is an activity this saturday for Australia day. they were going to have it on monday, which is actual australia day, but we convinced them that since it's transfers monday they should do it saturday so now we can go to it. Its a barbecue hahaha it would be inappropriate to do anything else on australia day. haha every time we have a barby someone always inevitably will turn to me and say "pay attention and you can take this back to America and teach them how to have a real barby!" haha so we'll see if i can learn the australian way and cook yous up some nice lamb chops when i get back:) yes, i do like lamb. It's different, but it's nice. Really fatty. But they said they are going to set up a volleyball net so we'll have to put on a clinic for them... hahaha i kindof like doing activities with branches because its small enough that you don't have to worry too much about planning, but its big enough that it's fun. We've got 11 non members that we're hoping to get there and then everyone else that we invite off the street. 

Okay so something happened that was pretty dang funny, but a bit inappropriate so you'll have to take out this paragraph if you put it on the blog. haha so one of our members was giving a talk in sacrament meeting and she was talking on families and it was awesome. Really inspiring about how we can have stronger family relationships. But then she wanted to show a mormon message (yes, in sacrament, its a small branch, what do ya do?) but she turns on the tv and puts in her usb and it comes up and just starts playing and it was kindof dark so i couldn't pick out what it was at first but then i realized that it was a video of someone doing an excercise routine on a vertical pole... hahahahahaha it was hilarious. and she quickly stopped it and changed it to "enduring Love" but everyone noticed it and was laughing. Not something i really expected to see in a sacrament meeting. but hey, anything goes, right? hahahaha

Alright, well, i love you all! I'll be thinking about you and praying with you this weekend! Yous are the best. thank you for your support! i really can feel it every day. have an awesome week! xoxoxoxo 12344444444445!


Elder Tingey

also, i just got an email from one of the sisters i was in MTC with and she just got home last tuesday.......

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