Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 78

Mudgee mate. a sweet as place. It was a good week. Last P-day we went to a place called 'hands on Rock'. Its this wall where like forever ago aboriginals did some wall paintings where they put this paint stuff in their mouths and then put their hand on the rock and blew the paint onto their hand and it made an outline. So there's a bunch of hands all over this wall. it was pretty cool, but they were really faded and hard to see. plus, it just seems like a really inefficient way of making hand prints on a wall... haha just kidding. but i'll send a pic of them. and it was only a 600 m hike to them! 

Wednesday we were supposed to meet jennie, but we showed up and nobody was there... haha she placed our pigeons! (hopefully dad gets that) so we walked around and talked to people for a while and then we walked back past the park and we saw her! and i made eye contact with her and she got up, speed-walked to her car, and drove away...haha lets just say that it's a good thing hell and damn are not swear words here or else i think i would have a lot of pent-up frustration inside me... so THAT was disappointing, but that's alright. It's after the trial of your faith that the witness comes. hopefully the trial isn't TOO much longer. 

We had dinner with one of the members on saturday and they invited Greg over! haha we haven't been able to see him in ages. it was really good. hopefully he's going to have us up to his farm to help him do some fencing. apparently that's really hard work so we'll see how we go.

We called on of the formers in our area book that came to church for like 3 months last year and he told us we could come over! so we went over on friday afternoon and had a chat. he's cool to keep meeting with us and come back to church, but he said he cant get baptized because of his dad... He's way nice. and he reads the book of mormon all the time so we are just going to get him back to church and start there.

Yesterday was the first time in a year that i was able to relax on sunday night and not worry about numbers! it was bliss. i'm loving being released. Elder stewart's not as keen on it though for some reason... haha he's a good district leader. 

Okay sorry this is short, but we only get half a p-day this week because they're doing a zone p-day and since our zone is so spread out they got permission to do it after ztm this friday so we all have to end p-day at 1:00. Hope they have something fun planned... haha all goods, i know how it is to plan a zone p-day that everyone will enjoy. (and by everyone i mean the sisters) haha okay everyone have a great week and i love you all heaps and heaps! Cheers.

-Elder Tingey

Hands on rock

Studs on deck at Hands On Rock

Hands on Hands On Rock

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