Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 80

First of all, a very happy birthday wish to my ireland-bound big sister! Rest assured i will be sending all 70 versions of the "happy birthday" song your way on the 18th. And i hear that the irish can put the aussies to shame in the pubs, so just because you can doesn't mean you should, okay?

Alright well this past week WAS a good week, but literally 10 minutes ago i got pulled over for speeding and got a huge fine... dangit. I just get so excited for P-day. So that's a pretty rotten start to this new week but its all good. the mission office is going to pay it, and then just give me a little bit less money for the next couple months. haha good thing i know how to budget, right? but anyways...

It was a pretty sweet week last week, but it was pretty strange. both elder stewart and i last night after planning agreed that it was a very strange week. haha but it started off with something pretty awesome. We've got a baptismal date! he's the husband of one of our members and we met with him last P-day and he agreed to baptism. His name is Gary. Please keep him in your prayers these next couple weeks. He's an awesome guy. So that wasn't very weird, but things started to get strange from there. We met with a recently reactivated member who got re-baptised in june of last year and he told us that he was planning to go up to dubbo to have his toe removed (the one next to the big one, don't worry, i asked) because it had an ulcer and was really bothering him. we dropped by later in the week and it turned out he didn't end up doing it, because the doctor told him it would heal up soon. so that was a bit of a let down for us, but hey, we keep the faith. Then we went tracting and knocked on the door of this Samoan guy who told us he grew up in the church in Samoa, but then decided he didn't believe it and left so we were talking to him for a bit. And i had one of those moments where one minute we're discussing the reunification of the tribes of israel and then nek minute this guys is giving us a detailed (with actions) description of how he recently got "the snip". and i think to myself, how the hell did we make THAT jump? hahaha So that was very strange. Then we had an in-depth discussion with our investigator on whether or not pot is against the commandments. haha he's a funny guy. and THEN on saturday our branch president called us and told us that he was having trouble in sydney and wouldn't be able to make it back in time for church so he asked if we would cover for him. and we come to find out that everyone happened to be on holiday this weekend so elder Stewart and I were the only priesthood holders at church. and we had 4 members in the audience... so elder stewart conducted, we blessed and passed, then i spoke, and elder stewart did the sunday school lesson. haha it was pretty strange. it was still church, and the same spirit was there, but just was a bit different than usual. haha But there was something pretty cool that happened on sunday. 

We were on our way to the chapel to set up the sacrament and stuff and as we're driving, this car behind us starts flashing their brights and waving for us to pull over. So i pull over and start praying that this guys isn't about to come and punch my lights out or something and he walks up and says "Elders! i'm brother Mirrel. Where's your chapel?" so we told him to follow us and when we got to the chapel he explained to us that he's a member from Cairns (pronounced Cans, i don't know, apparently those letters are allowed to make that sound...) and he was in mudgee visiting his father, who's in hospital at the moment. so he looked up the church in the phone book and got the address and went to it and there was no church there so he was about to go back to his dad's when he sees the white toyota corolla with a tow-ball and guys in suits driving it so he chased us down! haha mudgee's a pretty small town, but that's still a pretty dang big coincidence. I believe it was a tender mercy of the lord, allowing this guy to find a way to go to church and partake of the sacrament. and then after church we went and gave his dad a blessing. it was a really cool experience. He's the man, and he had the most authentic australian accent i've ever heard. it was sweet. 
This saturday Elder Bednar is coming! it's just like christmas! pretty happy i'm not in leadership for it so i don't have to worry about logistics and travel stuff. i just have to do what i'm told. I'll take good notes and share with you what i learn next week. Love you all! Happy b-day Jess! wish i was there to smash that birthday dinner!


Elder Tingey

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