Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 79

Another one down, 28 left... yes, i know how many weeks i have left. no, i'm not trunky. i just like math, okay? hahah It was a pretty good week.

We had zone training meeting on friday so we did trade-offs with cowra elders on thursday to save some K's because somehow they are already pretty much out of Ks. it's really annoying, but thats okay. we charity them. ya, it's a new term i made up. it's like a "we love them because christ loves them and we love christ." if there was no mediator, it might be a bit different... hahaha just kidding they're awesome. I was with Elder Smith. It was pretty sweet. They left their car in Bathurst and we picked them up, which is what saved them their K's and they both came to mudgee. so elder smith and i only had the car for half the day. and then we were on foot. and that's when the good stuff happened! We walked past the basketball courts and saw this kid playing by himself so we walked over and asked if we could play with him and he said Ya! soon one of his friends showed up so we played 2 on 2. "ties vs. singlets" (they call tank-tops singlets here. don't worry. it's not like a wrestling singlet) Elder smith played basketball in high-school and could possibly play in college when he goes home so he's pretty good. and i don't think these kids were expecting it, but we CLOWNED them. hahaha it was great. it was like 7-0 before their other friends showed up and we got another game going. haha it was great. they were cool guys and we got their phone number so me and elder stewart can go play some more with them. we probably won't be as impressive anymore, but we're not there just to win basketball games, right? 

Another interesting thing that happened was while we were studying, our door just opened and in walked President and Sister Back! haha luckily we were warned by the senior couple in bathurst that it was going to happen so we had the flat all clean for them. They were coming up to do interviews for the zone and they wanted to surprise some of the missionaries with a visit and they wanted to see our area because they've never been to mudgee or dubbo or these outlying areas. So we showed them around and then had interviews at the chapel, which took forever because they weren't expecting the cowra elders to be there, but it was really good. and then they shouted us lunch at KFC. They are the best. President told me i am definitely leaving next transfer. He wants me using chinese. haha he does NOT care about the element of suspense. It just means i have 4 weeks to enjoy the bush while i've got it and then it's somewhere else. Hopefully it's a walking area. We got a scale last week so i can start my 6 months to sexy a little early! hahaha

Our zone training meeting was really good. short and sweet. the best kind of zone meeting. haha but it was good. took some good stuff out of it and hopefully can apply it. and then we had our zone p-day. It was heaps of fun. we had a barbie and then did a ping-pong tournament because the orange chapel has ping-pong tables. and then we played "gadianton Robbers" which is like "werewolf" or "Mafia" but the people are all switched to book of mormon characters so that was fun. and then we drove home. haha i've decided i don't like driving anymore. it's really the worst. I like that i have 2 hours to digest the training we had, but traveling takes it out of me. i feel smashed when i get back home. and then there's still like 5 hours of proselyting left! 

We got to go out to visit a part-member family and help them put up their trampoline. you'd think it would be pretty simple, but that thing was the most complicated tramp i've ever seen. It had the safety net and all that stuff and it didn't come with instructions so we had a bunch of self-appointed architects trying to construct it, but we finally figured it out. and we were hoping to see them at church yesterday but they didn't make it 

Over all it was a great week. hope you all have a good one as well! Church is true! Love all y'all!

Elder Tingey

Where's Waldo??

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