Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 77

Great week. Lots of good stuff going on. 

First off, not much happened with transfers this past week. only two people from our zone left. Elder Weller, one of our zone leaders, and sister Paongo, from bathurst. So Me and Elder Stewart are gonna smash it out for another one here in Mudgee mate! Haha it was pretty funny because usually there's like the element of suspense and surprise of where you're going or whats happening with transfers but i don't think president back is a big fan of that because he called us on thursday and told us pretty much what's going on for the next two transfers. He said i will be here for another, and then i will leave and elder stewart will be here for one after me and then he'll leave. haha so there's transfers for next time for ya! haha but the big news, i guess is that Elder Stewart has replaced me as the district leader! Its been a year now since i've not been in leadership so it feels good. 

Last week we had trade-offs with the zone leaders and it was really good. I was with elder Howse. He's from michigan and he's a solid elder. We went to contact people in the park and the first person we talked to told us to sit down at the table with her and share our message! it was pretty cool. So we sat down and gave her an overview of the restoration and she said we could meet up again tomorrow so we've got high hopes for her. Her name is Jennie. 

Saturday we had a barbie for australia day with the branch. It was awesome. somehow i ended up on grilling duties and i have to say, i brought my country and family honor. everyone was impressed that the american could handle a barbie. haha but the best part was that there were heaps of people there that i didn't even know! got to know a family that the mom is a member, but hasn't been to church in a while, but the kids are all youth age and we played cricket with them for ages at the bbq. we're hoping to start up a sports night and get some youth coming out to it. 

Sorry this is a random comment, but i don't know where to fit it in, but we went on a hike on p-day last and i saw a sea eagle pick up an eel from a river and fly away and then it dropped it back into the water. It was probably the coolest thing ever... haha

I got the package with the pictures and caramels so thank you very much! It was so awesome to go through the pictures and see what yous all have been up to this past year! Looks like a lot of fun. I DID realize, however, that i never got our christmas card... did i get one sent to me? haha i had a huge stack of them from people that sent me christmas cards and everyone thought they were all regular letters so i got a few disgusted looks when i picked them up from the mission office... haha #hatersgonnahate And then last week i got the package from president backs daughter. The senior couple had it when we slept over there for DTM on thursday night (she must have just dropped it off at the mission office) and i was so confused because it was just an REI bag and pringles in plastic bags. haha i had no idea how it got here because it had no postage or anything but i figured it out soon enough. thank you thank you thank you! American lollies are the best ones! Which daughter was that and how did you get in contact with her? 

I have 5 transfers left now so i've split up all the christlike attributes in Preach My Gospel and i'm going to focus on a couple every transfer until i go home. This transfer is Faith and Hope. We'll see if i can be a little more faithful and hopeful by the end of it. Love you all! have a wonderful week! Church is true!


Elder Tingey

Tracted into a wombat...

This is the river the eagle was in. 

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